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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

This I Believe: Measured in moments

This I Believe: Measured in moments

by Katerina Matta, Winged Post Co-Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2024

Beads of sweat dot our brows as my grandmother and I labor over a pot of tabikh, a classic Egyptian stew made primarily from meat, tomatoes and a vegetable called bamia. I insisted on learning to make...

Spanish teachers Diana Moss and Isabel Garcia dance the cumbia to Baila Esta Cumbia by Selena. Attendees also danced the salsa at the end of the night in a competition.

La Noche Cultural celebrates diverse Hispanic culture

by Lily Shi and Ashley Mo April 26, 2024

Students and faculty gathered to celebrate La Noche Cultural, Spanish Culture Night, on April 19. Hosted by the Spanish National Honor Society, the annual event welcomes past and present Spanish students...

Rae Ann Prado stretches skyward during her dance. She co-founded Aztec dance group Calpulli Ocelocihuatl in 2023. (Provided by Rae Ann Prado)

Meet your staff: Revive the past

by Kairui Sun, Photo Editor April 26, 2024

Silence. A few taps on the keyboard, a click and another silent pause. Suddenly, the door swings open and a student enters, rushing into the college counseling office. As they check in, the woman at the...

Students David Jiang (9), Tiana Salvi (11), Harshini Chaturvedula (11) and Ivanya Sadana (9) express their cultures by playing musical instruments, dancing and singing while wearing cultural apparel. (Illustration by Young Min, Photos by Margaret Cartee and provided by Tiana Salvi)

Creativity builds cultural bridges

by Tiffany Zhu March 28, 2024

Every step to a dance, every stitch for a keychain, every note from an instrument and every lyric in a song form a vibrant tapestry of cultural expression, weaving a connection between artists and their...

Students traveling to France relax in the lounge of the Paris airport. They awaited their flight to Rennes, where they would start their trip.

Out of the nest: A glance at France

by Suhani Gupta March 8, 2024

France is best known as the country of love. This renowned love can be found in quiet moments, like in the crispness of a croissant or the aroma of the muguet. It is also present on more momentous occasions,...

Mandarin students hold poles supporting a dancing dragon in the Quad on Feb. 22. The dragon followed the movement of a spherical pearl which represents wisdom.

Lunar New Year Gala rings in the year of the dragon with song and dance

by Margaret Cartee and Felix Chen March 8, 2024

National Chinese Honor Society held the first annual Chinese Lunar New Year Gala to welcome the year of the dragon in the Quad during lunch on Thursday. Chinese students and students taking Mandarin...

Alicia Ran (11), Mina Okamoto (12), Yifan Li (11) and Harshini Chaturvedula (12) smile and pose for a photo together. Many students wore traditional attire from their cultures to celebrate Culture Day.

Culture Week Day 3: Students explore culture and cuisine through booths and food trucks

by Janam Chahal and Lily Shi February 29, 2024

Upper school students and faculty visited student-run culture booths inside the Auxiliary Gym and tasted various cuisines from food trucks outside the Rothschild Performing Arts Center for Wednesday’s...

Spencer Mak (12) orders food at Fresh Catch Poke outside of the Rothschild Performing Arts Center. Fresh Catch Poke ran out of ingredients at 12:40 p.m. and made 57 more orders than initially planned.

Culture week food trucks close early due to food shortage

by Margaret Cartee and Felix Chen February 28, 2024

All four food trucks offered to students and faculty at Culture Week on Wednesday ran out of food during lunch, resulting in some students not receiving food in time or eating at Manzanita instead. Culture...

Riya Samuel (9) and Ivanya Sadana (9) dance to a Bollywood routine during Mondays assembly. The Student Diversity Coalition opened the showcase by introducing culture week and promoting events later in the week like a chalk art activity.

Culture Week Days 1 and 2: Students showcase diverse performances in cultural assembly

by Janam Chahal and Lily Shi February 28, 2024

Upper school students commenced Culture Week by sharing their cultural traditions through song, dance and poetry during an assembly in the Athletic Center on Monday.  Student Diversity Coalition leaders...

The media we consume also serves as an educator. The world is a diverse place, and movies and television shows should strive to reflect the ways in which it is distinct.

Complexity of diversity in media

by Yifan Li, Co-Conservatory Editor August 25, 2023

Characters flit in and out of my computer screen, their stories blossoming in each frame that passes. I scroll up endlessly, engrossed in a show and wanting to know what happens next, and soon, I’ve...

We can appreciate each others cultures by wearing and displaying it. Wrongly labeling actions as cultural appropriation can have negative consequences.

Cultural appropriation versus appreciation

by Isabella Lo, Co-Opinions Editor May 11, 2023

What’s the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation? Based solely on the definition, appreciation is about honoring traditions while appropriation is the inappropriate adoption of aspects...

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