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Voice your opinion: Brexit protestors continue fight over EU

Two people with signs against with messages against Brexit, shout at a member of parliament walking out the The Palace of Westminster. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain, lost in the House of Commons on January 15, 2019, over her deal to leave the European Union.

by Carter Chadwick, Humans of Harker Videographer and Photographer

June 18, 2019

A small group of protesters shout at passersby and members of the British Parliament who exit The Palace of Westminster after a session on June 11. The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May made a deal with the European Union on Nov. 25, 2018. This deal included the fine that Britain had to pay the...

British PM Theresa May steps down, leaving fate of Brexit uncertain

Protestors hold anti-May signs at a rally in 2017 in London's Parliament Square. May has been shielding criticism for her adamant push for Brexit over the past three years.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

May 25, 2019

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation as leader on Friday, citing her failure to deliver Brexit. Standing outside of No. 10 Downing Street in London, May announced that she will resign on June 7, allowing the Conservative Party to choose a new leader who will resume her position...

Everything you need to know about Brexit

Following the first referendum on June 23, 2016, Brexit has undergone three failed votes, and continues to be held in contention by the British Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May continues to push for Brexit, and it is scheduled for a fourth, and most likely, final, vote on June 3.

by Sara Yen, Assistant Features Editor

May 16, 2019

With new updates left and right, the current Brexit situation can be a bit confusing to understand. Is Brexit actually happening? By the end of this article, I hope to have answered all of your questions and concerns about the topic. Let’s start from the origin of the word “Brexit”. Accordin...

Crucial decisions made over Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a defeat with the failure of Brexit, yet is still persistent after narrowly surviving her no-confidence vote. May is closed to talks of taking the deal off the table, and inter-party discussions regarding Britain's future are slated to be held beginning next week.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

January 17, 2019

In a vote on Jan. 29, members of the British Parliament were allowed to vote on seven amendments to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit Plan, while suggesting their own amendments. This vote came following the rejection of May's original Brexit deal, as well as her surviving a no-confidence vote. While...

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