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The student news site of The Harker School.

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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

An illustration featuring a cyclist biking down a path. Cycling, in addition to being an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, is, for many, a sport and a passion.

Cycling onwards: Bikers find their own path

by Emma Milner, Assistant Sports Editor March 9, 2023

Cycling, in addition to being an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, is, for many, a sport and a passion. The sport redefines the focus on the individual through lessons of personal accountability...

An illustration depicting various injuries that commonly occur within sports including a concussion, a strained meniscus and an ankle sprain. “Injuries are part of the game,” varsity boys basketball coach Alfredo Alves said. “Every injury [is] different, but the longer youre out, the longer youre away from playing, so just mentally, [players are] adjusting and understanding that its going to take time.”

Searching for the silver lining: Athletes persevere through injuries

by Emma Milner and Hima Thota February 3, 2023

The past few months have brought some of the most eventful moments in sports, with audiences worldwide coming together under the universal interest for highly anticipated events such as the World Cup and...

An illustration of two martial arts students with one performing a kick and the other breaking bricks. Taekwondo has taught me to be disciplined, dedicated and confident in all I do, martial artist Anika Pallapothu (10) said.

Student to sensei: Mastering the art of self-defense

by Katerina Matta and Kevin Zhang February 2, 2023

Adrenaline coursing through her veins, Chloe Lee (11) stands with one cloth-wrapped hand, facing three concrete bricks. The slabs stared back at her, the final obstacle between her and the ultimate achievement:...

Vyom Vidyarthi (10) sits behind the king and queen chess pieces at the large chessboard behind Dobbins Hall. His current standard rating stands at 2426.

Apex: Promoting to final rank

by Grant Yang and Lindsey Tuckey January 23, 2023

King to E6, and the game ends. The enemy’s lone rook, stranded on the last rank, can no longer defend against the threat of the pawn promoting to a queen, and Vyom Vidyarthi (10) claims victory as his...

Robert Rothbart bursts into celebration after beating Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli Winner Cup while playing for Hapoel Tel Aviv. Rothbart graduated from the Harker middle school in 2000 and has played professional basketball for several European teams since.

From a fourth grader’s dream to a professional basketball career

by Emma Milner, Assistant Sports Editor December 18, 2022

“I want to be a professional basketball player.”  As a fourth grader, Robert Rothbart, who graduated from the Harker middle school in 2000, already knew what he wanted to become. From his time...

Kimaya Mehta (9), playing for her first year on the high school varsity girls golf team, follows through with her swing. The girls golf team emerged undefeated in the West Bay Athletic League (WBAL) for the fifth consecutive year, making it to the Central Coast Championships (CCS).

Swinging through rain or shine: Girls golf team brings their best

by Emma Milner, Co-Assistant Sports Editor November 29, 2022

Another year, another successful season.  The girls golf team emerged undefeated in the West Bay Athletic League (WBAL) for the fifth consecutive year, making it to the Central Coast Championships...

Sisters pairs Summer Adler (10) and Sydney Adler (12) and Jasmine Hansra (9) and Jasleen Hansra (12) pose together in the swimming pool. Both pairs of sisters play together on Harkers girls water polo team.

Sister Act: Two pairs of sisters make memories on the varsity girls water polo team

by Emma Milner and Isabella Lo November 11, 2022

One team. Two pairs of sisters. Together in the pool, they pass the ball around to each other as teammates. After practice, they go home as sisters, bonding over the moments in practice and games. Sydney...

Ishani Sood (11) lunges forward with foil in hand, ready to advance. As a nationally ranked fencer, she trained for eight years and recently joined Team USA Fencing.

Apex: Fencer advances through life one lunge at a time

by Gemma Chan, Chayce Milheim, Emma Milner, and Hima Thota November 11, 2022

Sweat drips off Ishani Sood (11)'s brow as she readies herself before a final bout. With just 30 seconds left on the clock, she needs 5 points to win, while her opponent only needs 1. Setting slim...

Seniors Emily Novikov 
and Lexi Wong pose together wearing their 
respective college commitment sweatshirts. “The biggest piece of advice I’d give is to not be afraid to reach out to coaches,” Emily said. “What do you have to lose by sending an email?”

Student athletes talk college sports recruiting

by Gabe Sachse, Reporter October 11, 2022

As the upper school’s fall sports season kicks off, several athletes in the senior class, who have dedicated their high school years to their sport, push their athletic journey forward — past high...

Quarterback Rohan Gorti (11) speaks with Coach Sidhart Krishnamurthi on the sideline during the varsity football team’s match against Crystal Springs last year. “Sid brings passion, organization, and energy to the program,” upper school athletics director Dan Molin said. “The students are picking up their respect for his passion and the seriousness of the sport, and hes bringing good positive energy.”

From Harker athlete to football head coach: A decade later, alumnus returns to lead from the sidelines

by Emily Tan and Medha Yarlagadda February 11, 2022

harkeraquila · Aquila Audible of "From Harker athlete to football head coach" Rhythmic thuds of varsity football players’ steps fill the air as the students perform ladder agility drills...

Mr. Irvine prepares to throw the ball at a recent Kayak Polo tournament.

From kayak polo to archery, students and faculty get involved in niche sports

by Ariana Goetting, Reporter December 6, 2021

When upper school chemistry teacher Andrew Irvine played kayak polo for the first time 11 years ago, as per his wife’s landlord’s recommendation, he wasn’t expecting to find a passion that would...

From his years as a promising rookie to recent ones as a seasoned veteran, Buster Posey was the heart and soul  of the Giants. Since the start of his career in 2009, Posey played 1093 games as a catcher, one of the hardest defensive positions in baseball, and was also a very offensive player, hitting a batting average of .302.

Celebrating Buster Posey: the backbone of San Francisco

by Desiree Luo, Assistant Sports Editor November 22, 2021

The 2021 Major League Baseball season concluded with the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series over the Houston Astros on Nov. 2. For Giants fans, the offseason ahead offered a welcome respite from the...

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