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Editorial: Response to outbreak calls for corroboration

An illustration depicting  the reassuring power of being informed in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

by Editorial Board

March 7, 2020

With over 75,000 cases across 26 countries, as of Feb. 19 according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has raised health concerns, caused city-wide shutdowns and made headlines around the world. On Jan. 31 just as the outbreak was escalating, the panic hit home, with two confirmed case...

Editorial: Challenge Day serves as first step

An illustration depicting the beauty of diversity of all types.

by Editorial Board

March 7, 2020

A hundred students and 20 to 30 members of faculty met in the auxiliary gym to participate in community developing activities on Feb. 6. The program, Challenge Day,  focused on mindfulness, to address racist epithets and racially-charged comments made by Harker students.  And while Challenge Day may have served as a...

Cattle and carbon: Why I chose to stop eating beef

An expanding animal agriculture industry leads to deforestation to open up new lands, but by cutting down on customer demand by either eliminating or minimizing personal beef consumption, the impact is twofold: forested lands are protected, combating the effects of CO2 emissions, and methane produced by cattle farming decreases.

by Nicole Tian, Co-Lifestyle Editor

January 21, 2020

At the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit held on Sept. 23 in New York City, one speaker’s words were particularly convicting. In a YouTube video from Guardian News, 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg boldly declared to world leaders, “Right here, right now, is where we draw the line...

Heart of Harker: Prioritizing ourselves

Heart of Harker: Prioritizing ourselves

by Amla Rashingkar, Guest Writer

December 28, 2019

Like most of you, I grew up thinking school was my priority. I walked into high school yearning for a high GPA. I wanted to be the poster child for everything I did. The word “stop” didn’t exist in my vocabulary. I always wanted more.  The desire to impress my parents and my peers lurked behind me l...

Heart of Harker: OK Millennials!

Biology teacher Thomas Artiss, at a thrifted typewriter that he brought to his classroom for students to experiment with. In his Heart of Harker guest column, Artiss responds to the newly popularized phrase

by Thomas Artiss, Guest Writer

December 16, 2019

There’s a new meme in town. Like all memes, it is catchy, memorable and even mildly amusing. Although the origins of the phrase are debatable, the phrase “OK Boomer” seemed to have gained traction about a year ago. The intent was to offer a simple, eye-rolling and dismissive retort to criticis...

Left in the dark

Left in the dark

by Arushi Saxena, News Editor

November 19, 2019

It was a chilly Saturday evening, punctuated only by the shrill cheers of children playing in the yard next door. It was the night before Diwali, and we had just concluded a day of re-organizing the house, embellishing our corners with traditional Indian decorations and placing diyas, mini oil lamps, ...

Heart of Harker: An introduction!

Scott Engelhardt, the new attendance coordinator.

by Scott Engelhardt, Guest Writer

November 10, 2019

Hey Eagles, it’s Mr. Engelhardt or Mr. E, the new attendance coordinator! I haven’t had the chance to meet all of you yet, so I wanted to take this chance to introduce myself. I’ve loved the vibrant community here at the Upper School, and I hope that everyone feels totally comfortable coming...

Editorial: No joke has bullets as a punchline

Editorial: No joke has bullets as a punchline

by Editorial Board

November 6, 2019

A threat is never a joke.  In the downstairs Dobbins boys’ bathroom this morning, an as-yet-unidentified student graffitied two lines from a J. Cole song: “I'm counting my bullets / I'm loading my clips.” They added a third: “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”  That threat led to the f...

Editorial: Race-conscious admissions maintain diversity in college

Editorial: Race-conscious admissions maintain diversity in college

by Editorial Board

October 20, 2019

Two weeks ago, Judge Allison Burroughs ruled that Harvard University’s use of race in the college admissions process is legal and not discriminatory against Asian Americans as was alleged by the group Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) in 2014.  In short, the court upheld affirmative action, the ...

Kick Back…to School!

Now that I’m finally here, I can now say with 100 percent sincerity —  everything that supposedly makes junior year so challenging — it’s all true.

by Kushal Shah, Sports Columnist

September 19, 2019

Anyone else excited for the new 2019-2020 school year? I definitely am! Sure, I may have a few qualms about this upcoming year, but there are certain aspects that are just undeniably thrilling. Coming into this year, I often heard whispers drifting around campus of the intense workload that would com...

Boys can dance: Insensitive comments show that toxic stereotypes live on — but shouldn’t

Boys can dance: Insensitive comments show that toxic stereotypes live on -- but shouldn’t

by Arely Sun, Co-Lifestyle Editor

September 17, 2019

Imagine a ballet dancer. Did you summon an image of a lithe woman with a bun, clad in a tutu and pointe shoes? Or did you instead conjure a sinewed, muscular man elegantly leaping several feet in the air? Now consider these iconic men from professional sports and Hollywood: Rob Gronkowski, Herschel...

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