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Dalgona coffee: The latest whipped internet sensation

This is a tutorial on how to make dalgona coffee, a viral food trend popularized by social media.

by Emily Tan, Winged Post Asst. Features Editor

April 13, 2020

As states across the country have issued orders to shelter in place, people with more leisure time on their hands are now picking up new hobbies and diving into a variety of different activities including baking, binge-watching TV series and of course, whipping up the latest viral food trend: dalgon...

Skating the curves

Skating the curves

by Nicole Tian, Co-Lifestyle Editor

December 7, 2019

High schooler Esteban Rodriguez leans against the rails of the Lake Cunningham Actions Sports Park in San Jose, nonchalantly flipping his black board emblazoned with a painted white skull, its bare teeth and exposed gums clenching onto the scales of a red-eyed viper. The azure edges of the board have b...

More than just paint: Street art speaks out on public walls

A mural by the group Hospitality House features a crowd of people of varied age and racial background holding a rainbow sign advocating for a healthy and safe community. The alley hosts a total of 700 murals, according to the project’s website.

by Arely Sun, Co-Lifestyle Editor

November 16, 2019

Sandwiched between a hot pink complex and a beige building in San Francisco, a colorful alley decorated from top to bottom with murals hides in plain sight. Painted words, flowers and symbols extend down the concrete of the narrow street and flow into other sentences and designs. Clarion Alley is ju...

Fall Fashion: Where Colors Meet Comfort

In a subtle but vibrant manner, Gina Partridge (12) uses her socks as an outlet for her fashion style. Accessories are another important aspect of design and style.

by Alysa Suleiman, Sports Reporter

September 18, 2019

Along with the bustle of students transitioning into their back-to-school lifestyles, the outfits and accessories of students seem to be evolving from summer style to fall fashion.  Among upper school students, it’s safe to say that with the new school year starting, creativity and style exploratio...

Harker alumnus swings into PGA tour

Last week, McNealy qualified for the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) tour, in which he will start in three weeks, by finishing in the top 25.

by Sara Yen and Esha Gohil

August 28, 2019

Clad in a bright white cap, striped navy polo and slate gray pants, Harker alumnus Maverick McNealy (‘13) finishes his stroke with a determined expression, eyes cast into the distance. From the time that McNealy could walk, his father taught him how to play golf. Although he played a wide variety of spo...

Sweet treats to eat: the influence of Asian desserts

Nestled in the far corner of Cupertino Main Street Plaza, SomiSomi sells taiyaki, a Japanese fish shaped waffle with a red bean filling. However, SomiSomi blends American and Japanese desserts, offering a wider range of taiyaki fillings, including Nutella, custard or red bean, along with soft serve ice cream. 

by Arely Sun and Emily Tan

August 28, 2019

The Bay Area is a hub of immigrants, leading to a fusion of cultures in every aspect of life. One noticeable example of this “melting-pot” is the popularity of Asian desserts among people of all backgrounds. The Asian community in Santa Clara County, according to the US Census Bureau, makes up 38.3...

SomiSomi creates a trendy twist on a traditional Korean dessert

A traditional blend of flavors, the matcha and red bean Taiyaki ice cream is the perfect treat for a warm day–or even a cold one. The fruity pebbles and rainbow sprinkles provide a photo-savvy burst of color.

by Alysa Suleiman and Arely Sun

April 15, 2019

Nestled in the far corner of Cupertino Main Street Plaza, SomiSomi is a small, simple nook in a row of tall beige buildings that sells a mouthwatering treat known as taiyaki, an originally Japanese fish shaped waffle with a red bean filling. Welcoming mellow yellow letters sit far above the entrance...

So you want to be a librarian?

So you want to be a librarian?

by Nina Gee and Irina Malyugina

February 27, 2019

If you've been at Harker for more than a year, chances are you've probably had contact with one or more of the campus librarians. Their skill sets seem endless, from evaluating your interpretation of a literary theory to finding obscure primary documents for that history research essay. They are a sign...

So you want to be a tattoo artist?

WORK IN PROGRESS: Csillagi inks delicate blue flowers. Before opening their own shop, Csillagi apprenticed at SF’s Black and Blue Tattoo.

by Anna Vazhaeparambil, Catherine Feng, and Lucy Ge

December 10, 2018

Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” blasts through the speakers, nearly overpowering the constant hum of tattoo machines that resonate in the room. Greenery and artwork adorn the walls of the shop, and colorful figurines and trinkets fill the shelves. In the center of everything, a tattoo artist sits c...

Staying healthy with Saloni: Get some sleep!

Saloni Shah (10) discusses health and mental wellness in her new column, Staying Healthy with Saloni.

by Saloni Shah, Columnist

December 9, 2018

Why can’t we be like wild African elephants? For real, they only sleep for two hours a day. That would leave us 22 hours in the day to accomplish everything on our to-do list, so we wouldn’t go to school with dark circles under our eyes, fatigue, blurred vision and disorientation. Looking...

Sense or Style?

Looking back, Kaidi Dai (11) sports a navy blue long sleeve shirt with “it’s what’s inside that counts” embroidered on the back. During her free time, Kaidi enjoys thrifting, and several of her favorite pieces are thrifted.

by Emily Chen, TALON Co-Academics Editor

December 1, 2018

On the hunt for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing? Well, look no further. Sustainable clothing includes all fabrics created from eco-friendly resources, such as recycled and reused materials or organically grown cotton. Not only does this improved process of producing clothes provide better labor...

So you want to be a performance artist?

Sokol plays the role of Benjy in William Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury,” where she plays a man with a child’s mind.

by Helen Yang and Erica Cai

October 17, 2018

The horseshoe-shaped wooden desk, neatly placed candlestick phone and crisp suits in the office create a sharp contrast with the disorderly group of office employees, who lounge across the tables, chug beers and rapidly discuss legal documents—even through a screen, the short video clip of Elevato...

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