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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Café Gratitude, a restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, offers a homey dining experience and encourages customers to appreciate themselves and their community. The staff consider each other family to further foster inclusivity.

Café Gratitude graces vegan food with positivity

by Young Min and Charlize Wang April 6, 2024

“Family!” A chef shouts from behind the wooden counter, signaling that a new dish is ready to be served. Waiters rush to receive the order, navigating around wooden tables and scattered greenery....

All aboard: Union Station wows locals and tourists alike

All aboard: Union Station wows locals and tourists alike

KANSAS CITY — With its century-old architecture and central location, Kansas City’s Union Station remains one of the city’s iconic sites, boasting bustling shops, restaurants and specialized attractions.  Harker...

Zachary Hampton fashions a wig that an actor playing Goldilocks will wear for the theatres dress rehearsal. Zachary is playing the Papa Bear role for the companys upcoming show.

Fifty years of performance and production: Theatre for Young America leaves lasting impact

by Jonathan Xue and Kevin Zhang April 6, 2024

KANSAS CITY — A ferocious wolf creeps toward the home of an oblivious Big Pig. Though she pretends not to hear the kids’ cries of concern, the actress' heart fills with emotion, moved by the audience's...

Temu and Tiktok Shop undercut sustainability

Temu and Tiktok Shop undercut sustainability

by Charlize Wang, Asst. Opinions Editor March 28, 2024

“Shop like a billionaire…” The TV emits a catchy jingle as Temu’s signature orange color floods the screen. From kitchen gadgets to fashionable attire to tool kits, a single theme connects...

Beaming with bulbs: San Francisco Tulip Day draws crowds

Beaming with bulbs: San Francisco Tulip Day draws crowds

by Katerina Matta and Young Min March 18, 2024

Amidst the monotony of San Francisco's concrete jungle, red, orange, yellow, purple and white hues sprawl across Union Square as long lines of people snake around the center endlessly. People flood the...

Out of the nest: Walk the High Line

by Alison Yang and Brandon Zau March 16, 2024

NEW YORK — Twenty Harker Journalism students and staff visited the High Line, a former freight line turned public park, on March 14. They walked through Chelsea on the elevated line, exploring greenery,...

NYC Trivia League emcee Christina Gibbs sits at a trivia-reserved table, tracking scores on her laptop and announcing questions and answers through a large portable speaker. The league hosts trivia nights for bars and restaurants across New York City.

Burgers meet brainteasers

by Victor Gong and Claire Zhao March 16, 2024

NEW YORK – Hustle and bustle filled Chelsea Market restaurant Creamline on Thursday as patrons chowed down on cheeseburgers and waffle fries. But burgers weren’t the only things grilling in the...

Students traveling to France relax in the lounge of the Paris airport. They awaited their flight to Rennes, where they would start their trip.

Out of the nest: A glance at France

by Suhani Gupta March 8, 2024

France is best known as the country of love. This renowned love can be found in quiet moments, like in the crispness of a croissant or the aroma of the muguet. It is also present on more momentous occasions,...

Stanley sensation sweeps social media

Stanley sensation sweeps social media

by Lily Shi March 8, 2024

Viral videos capture crowds of people instigating mobs in Target, pushing each other as they reach for a standalone rack in the center of the store. Their object of desire? A $45 limited-edition Quencher...

Isabelle Niu (9), Kuga Pence (12) and Anna Wang (10) pose with their phone cases. They use their phone cases to express themselves and carry memories. (Illustration by Alison Yang, Photos by Alvira Agarwal and Hannah Jeon)

Case by case: Students cover phones in personality

by Alvira Agarwal and Hannah Jeon March 6, 2024

The wide variety of phone cases around campus ranges from plain, neutral colors to eye-catching flashy designs. But what does a phone case reveal about its owner? Aside from protecting phones, phone cases...

Ticket to Ride is a 30-minute board game for two to five players, with each player placing their trains on a central board of the United States to earn the most points. It is perfect for anyone new to board games.

Take a trip on the victory train

by Saahil Herrero, Copy Editor February 29, 2024

As my opponent places down trains on the map, I begin to calculate alternate routes to complete my tickets, finding that the shortest path will still take many turns. However, I try to keep a straight...

Unlike older makeup trends often geared towards Western features, many recent makeup trends originate from Asian beauty trends and specifically compliment Asian features. Asian beauty’s rise in popularity also reflects the growing popularity of Asian culture as a whole in Western media.

East Asian makeup trends gain TikTok spotlight

by Charlize Wang, Co-Assistant Opinions Editor December 10, 2023

Spiky false lashes. Bright eye glitter. Heavy pink blush. These East Asian makeup trends have taken over TikTok in the past months. With over one billion users, the app’s influence creates a platform...

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