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The student news site of The Harker School.

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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Kaleb Goldin poses in his running stance. I’m running six days a week for about two hours, Kaleb said. Like in everything else I do, practicing lets me get better and be faster.”

Apex: Racing against records

by Tiffany Zhu and Ella Guo May 3, 2024

Kaleb Goldin (11) races past the finish line, his heart pulsing as a surge of exhilaration sweeps over him. For a brief moment after this final stretch, he’s unaware of the time of his sprint, but his...

Apex: Putting under pressure

by Emma Milner April 10, 2024

Allison Yang (11): I started playing golf when I was in third grade, so that’s like I don’t know, seven years ago, eight years ago. I first got into golf because a couple of my friends were taking...

Iris Wang (10) poses with her hockey stick. “I just really love all the ups and downs of hockey,” Iris said. “You win as a team, you lose as a team, and although losing can be hard, I like that its a team experience and everyone lifts each other up.”

Apex: Ice breaking, victory chasing

by Emma Milner and Claire Yu March 28, 2024

Wind whips at Iris Wang’s (10) face as she stickhandles the puck, deftly weaving through defenders. She glances at the scoreboard, realizing that she only needs to keep the puck in her control for a...

Gymnast Linda Zeng (10) performs a switch leap during competition. She first began gymnastics at eight-years-old.

Apex: Vaulting to victory

by Eva Cheng February 22, 2024

Time seems to pause as Linda Zeng (10) launches through the air, knees tucked in tight to her chest as she flips once, then braces for impact. At the resounding thud of her landing, the audience erupts...

Soccer player Claire Anderson (11) juggles a soccer ball. Claire joined the girls varsity soccer team in ninth grade and is currently co-captain.

Apex: Elevating with endurance

by Tiffany Zhu and Eva Cheng February 5, 2024

At the sharp tweet of a whistle, the audience erupts into deafening cheers. With a radiant smile on her face, Claire Anderson (11) sprints across the field to her teammates where they whoop and leap...

Anna Lee (12) poses with gold and bronze medals at the 2021 USA Gymnastics Championships. Anna trained in rhythmic gymnastics from  nine to seventeen years old.

Apex: Rigor and reward on the rhythmic floor

by Lily Shi, Assistant STEM Editor February 3, 2024

An empty 12-by-12 meter floor and a panel of expectant judges await Anna Lee (12). Dressed in a glittering leotard with a face full of stage makeup and slicked-back hair, Anna enters the floor with delicate,...

Veyd Patil pushes during a cross-country race. He often dons unorthodox gear, like his pink sunglasses.

Apex: Chasing limits

by Katerina Matta, Co-Sports Editor January 8, 2024

A 103 degree fever. Exhaustion even after 13 hours of sleep a night. Half the week’s worth of missed assignments waiting to be completed. Veyd Patil (12) faced all of these obstacles as he prepared...

Tennis player Pavith Khara (10) tosses the ball atop her racket. She plays for the varsity girls tennis team and competes nationally in the girls under-16 category.

Apex: Calm on the court, persistent in play

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor December 12, 2023

In the scorching 100-degree Fahrenheit heat of Las Vegas, Pavith Khara (10) battles her opponent on the other side of the tennis net. The match nears four hours of play as she recovers from her first set...

Varun Fuloria (12) poses with a squash racket. Varun will continue his squash career at Columbia University in the fall of 2024.

Apex: Playing the game of patience

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor October 18, 2023

Many athletes have an idol, from basketball star Stephen Curry to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. But for Varun Fuloria (12), it’s squash three-time World title holder Ramy Ashour — “The Artist.”...

Ashley Hong (12) performs a butterfly stroke while racing for the Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA) swim team. “I like that swimming is a team sport but also individual,” Ashley said. “I also really enjoy relays — I feel it’s super fun [because you] work with your team. (Provided by Ashley Hong)

Apex: Deep dive into swimmer’s success

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor September 10, 2023

Gliding through the water, her fingertips touch the wall and her head bobs up out of the water as she hears the last of her teammates’ cheers. The timer stops, and she quickly turns around to see a ‘1’...

Apex: Competition as Collaboration

Apex: Competition as Collaboration

by Katerina Matta June 13, 2023

Picture game point, 24-22 in the second set. Edis Mesic (11) readies himself for the opponent’s serve, feeling no shakiness, no nerves, just a quiet calm. Despite entering the match as underdogs,...

Vyom Vidyarthi (10) sits behind the king and queen chess pieces at the large chessboard behind Dobbins Hall. His current standard rating stands at 2426.

Apex: Promoting to final rank

by Grant Yang and Lindsey Tuckey January 23, 2023

King to E6, and the game ends. The enemy’s lone rook, stranded on the last rank, can no longer defend against the threat of the pawn promoting to a queen, and Vyom Vidyarthi (10) claims victory as his...

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