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New food stand features wraps during lunch

The new California Lavash food station will feature wraps a few times a week. Although the ingredients for the wraps are supplied by California Lavash, the kitchen staff itself prepares the wraps.

This past week, the Upper School Food Service Department added a California Lavash food station that will feature a new product, wraps, a few times a week.

“We in the Food Service department are always looking for ways to improve,” Executive Sous Chef Danae McLaughlin said. “Adding new stations and new healthy, fun products is one way we improve on what we are already doing.”

The Food Service Department has been purchasing products from California Lavash to use in the Bistro and Farmers Market for the past two years. According to McLaughlin, they chose to do business with this local family run business because their products “[are] low in sodium, cholesterol free, [contain] no trans fats or sugar, and are 100% natural.”

Because the Food Service Department wanted to further feature wraps, they asked California Lavash for a cart they could use. California Lavash agreed to the idea and found the decision successful. Based off this “pilot project,” they plan to promote their product at other schools.

Although the ingredients for the wraps are from California Lavash, the wraps themselves are made by the kitchen staff, as California Lavash is not a store or restaurant.

Many students like the addition of wraps to the lunch menu because they are a new, different, and tasty alternative to the familiar sandwiches prepared daily. Others enjoy having an outdoor stand because they can simply grab food without entering the Edge.

“The [new stand] is good because it is very convenient. People can get wraps just by walking by,” Areej Hasan (11) said. “And, they taste good.”

According to McLaughlin, the feedback regarding the new station has been very positive. However, she said that the staff does not want to feature the wraps so often that they become less attractive among students and faculty. She compared it to the popularity of the carving station.

“When we had the carving station every day, it was not getting much attention, but now that we feature it only a few times a week, it has become popular again,” she said.

Although this is a “pilot project”, the Food Service Department feels the station will be continually well received by the students and faculty.

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