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Students ask Homecoming dates in unexpected ways

Sophomore Navsher Singh celebrates after asking freshman Shannon O’Shea to Homecoming by placing a teddy bear and note in her locker.

Homecoming asks often follow a centric theme – the element of surprise. Many Upper School students chose to ask their Homecoming dates this year in unexpected if not novel ways.

Sophomore Ashir Bansal asked date Sarah Bean (10) with an elaborate idea, placing a balloon inside of her locker labelled “Pop Me!”. Inside of the balloon was a note asking her to come outside to the quad. Once outside, his friends ushered her to the benches where she discovered the letters “HC?” spelled out in rose petals as well as Ashir, who was hidden behind a bush.

“I wanted to ask in a different way because I feel like if you’re going to ask, you should do it well and make it something memorable. Plus, there’s a higher chance of the girl saying yes,” Ashir said.

Junior Nathan Dhablania surprised Mitty student Varunika Raja outside Shah Hall holding a poster with words spelled out in candy bar wrappers. Nathan asked for his friends’ assistance to make the poster and lead her out to the patio.

“When you do things like make posters and give flowers, it shows that you care about the girl and that you’re excited and interested in going with her,” he said.

Seniors Deniz Celik and Kathir Sundarraj teamed up to ask their girlfriends, Amy Gendotti (12) and Shreya Vemuri (12). The boys collaboratively wrote a poem and gave one half of the poem to each girl. Both girls had to find one another and eventually located their boyfriends waiting with stuffed animals and candy.

“I was totally surprised [when they asked]. In my opinion, I think both simple and elaborate [ways of asking] can be great depending on the person you are asking, but I really like elaborate askings because they demonstrate a lot of consideration and effort. But simple can definitely be cute too,” Amy said.

Senior Nikhil Panu performed a rendition of “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees to ask Apricot Tang (12). During the song, he enlisted the help of sophomores Justin Yen, Dylan Patel, Srivinay Irrinki, and Nick Nguyen to be backup dancers and to hold up the letters “HC?”.

“I think it was a really original and memorable way of asking someone to Homecoming. I’m sure [Apricot] felt really nice that [Nikhil] put so much effort into it. You only get one opportunity to make a girl feel special, and it doesn’t come very often,” Justin said.

The Disney-themed Homecoming dance will be held Saturday, November 3.

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