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Top 5 summer K-pop songs

Chayce Milheim
K-pop rids me of distractions and allows me to focus. Each song has a unique tune, message, choreography, and lyrics that makes it stand out.

I sit down to do my homework, and my ears tingle with voices echoing everywhere around me. As I connect my earbuds to my computer, K-pop music fills my ears. K-pop rids me of distractions and allows me to focus. 

Many of my friends also listen to K-pop, so it’s a way of connecting with each other. Each song has a unique tune, message, choreography, and lyrics that makes it stand out. Since K-pop songs differ based on each group, they take interest and ask me “What are your top K-pop songs?” Luckily, I have a list of my top five songs I heard over the summer. 

5. “Seven” by Jungkook

“Seven”’s melody and lyrics are catchy. The choreography may look easy, but out of many dances I’ve done, it falls under the complicated category with sharp arm movements necessary for following the beat of the music. In the song, Jungkook sings and expresses the music with a smooth and polished falsetto. The BTS member is famous for his work such as “Euphoria,” so if you are hunting down another solo song sung by him, this song is for you.

4. “Super Shy” by NewJeans

NewJeans, a group that debuted in 2022, has amazed with their electropop music and topped music charts, like Billboard and Spotify, just one year into their career. NewJeans, with one of their more upbeat songs, “Super Shy,” has invited people from all over the world to dance on social media apps, such as Tiktok and Instagram. Its lyrics repeat more compared to other songs. “Super Shy” maintains an overall lighthearted vibe and melody. New Jeans also incorporated a new dance technique, waacking, which they have not used in their choreographies before. If you enjoy peppy songs to listen to, this song will leave a smile on your face without fail. 

3. “Set Me Free” by TWICE

In August, I discovered Twice’s new song “Set Me Free” in my Youtube recommendation and loved the music video. After group leader Jihyo exits out of a car and joins the other members, continuing to dance and sing, I was hooked on their style and confidence. I had heard Twice’s songs, but this one stood out the most. I enjoyed how each member sings their own unique part in the song, and each part flows into the others’ lyrics. I especially found the rap part of the members Momo and Chaeyoung outstanding and difficult. The rapping includes a punchy vibe as if every word has its own unique beat. If you prefer confident and invigorating songs with a theme of setting your emotions free, this song is right for you.

2. “As If It’s Your Last” by BLACKPINK

As a Blink, or BLACKPINK fan, I am somewhat biased when I rank this song as my second favorite. This song consists of synth-pop tune, with elastic and electronic instruments backing up the main melody, and the exposition starts off the general tune with drums. “As If It’s Your Last” is great to jam along with friends and family and listening to this song puts me in a better mood. Sang mostly in Korean, the song is hard for me to understand but still cheerful. If you want to listen to popular and upbeat songs, this one is best for you.

1. “None of My Business” by ITZY

“None of My Business” starts out with a soft intro and turns into a bubbly song. Itzy has experimented with different music the past four years, and their newest album, “Kill My Doubt,” consists of songs outside of their usual style. This song ranks first for me because I enjoyed learning the dance, and it is definitely a song you can dance along to anywhere. It also expresses the message of freeing yourself from other’s decisions and achieving your own desires and needs. The members sing,  “None of my business, none of my business what you do? Broken, nasty stories everyday; We’ve already drifted apart, me and you.” Hearing this song energizes me. If you prefer a cheery, appealing music video with aesthetic scenes, and a general flow of the melody of a song, “None of My Business” is right for you.

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Connie Xu
Connie Xu, TALON Reporter
Connie Xu (10) is a reporter for the TALON Yearbook, and this is her second year on staff. She hopes to interact and share memories with other staff on the journalism team. In her free time, she likes to sing and dance, talk with friends, listen and watch K-pop songs and sometimes draw.
Chayce Milheim
Chayce Milheim, TALON Photo Editor and Co-Organizations Editor
Chayce Milheim (11) is the photo editor and co-organizations editor for the TALON Yearbook, and this is her third year on staff. This year, she looks forward to learning more about photography and design. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding, lacrosse and reading fantasy and sci-fi books.

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