S’more sugar

by Isabella Lo, Asst. Opinions Editor

The air is hot with dryness and the beating sun of summer. The surging temperature outdoors causes sweat to run down my face and soak my shirt. I take a bite of juicy watermelon, with the sweet taste and cool flavor exploding in my mouth, relieving the heat temporarily. From drinking hot chocolate while warming my hands on the cup on cool days to chowing down on popsicles on hot days, or from formal events, where a multi-tiered cake fits the atmosphere perfectly, to the casual outings with friends, passing around the candy, there is a sweet food that is made for every circumstance.

With a versatility of applications, sweet foods also have a variety of tastes, from nutty honey to rich caramel. My favorite dessert, chocolate chip cookies, contain a slightly crunchy exterior with a warm and gooey interior. The overwhelming toffee flavor complements the sweeter chocolate, creating a delicious combination. Then, dipping the warm cookie into a glass of milk softens the hard edges just a little bit while adding a cooler tone to each bite. Even with a simple dessert like a cookie, variations such as replacing chocolate chips with raisins, adding nuts or decreasing the amount of sugar based on personal preference are easy to make.

After all, there is a reason for the age-old adage “there is always room for dessert.” No matter how full I feel, I am always able to eat just one more slice of cake to finish off my meal because of the delicious flavors and unique textures that contrast from the general main meal. Eating more savory foods will not appeal to my appetite then, but sweet foods always have the ability to satisfy me.

Oftentimes, sweet foods bring to mind just the candies and unhealthy gorging, but fruits are both sweet and healthy. Within the variety of fruits available, there are a multitude of options amongst smoothies, dried fruits, baked chips and frozen grapes. They also pair well with foods like yogurt, granola and nuts. Many vegetables such as corn and sweet potatoes taste sweet while being nutritious.

Sweet foods also represent more than just food. Many of my best memories are all centered around baking with friends, laughing as we inevitably messed up recipes and then grinning in surprise later on as we tasted our baked concoctions. Baking brings friends closer, giving us all experiences that we can smile in remembering. Those joyful experiences were all tied together by sweet foods.

Savory foods like meats and vegetables tend to be more filling; however, when eating snacks, sweet foods are a better option. With a variety of different snacks, sweet foods tend to be more applicable to different situations.

It’s scientifically proven that eating sweet foods cause a rush in dopamine, which increases happiness and focus. While stimulating a positive reaction in the body, the taste of sweet foods appeals to me over savory ones because of their innately mouthwatering nature and the variety of textures that complement the flavor.