Music Monday: Spring sentimentality with Aquila

by Alison Yang, Assistant A&E Editor

Music Monday features a different category of songs on a weekly basis. Each Monday, Harker Aquila will release seven songs, one song for each day of the week.

As the end of the winter rolls near and the splatterings of intermittent rains persist, a certain solemnity takes over the campus. There are tests to take, projects to create and summer applications to fill out. This week, Aquila brings a collection of songs for those struggling with a special someone. It might not make your pining better, but at least you’ll enjoy the music!

Find the full playlist here:

Monday: “Vickie” by Peach Pit

Tuesday: “She’s My Collar” by Gorillaz and Kali Uchis

Wednesday: “Poplar Street” by Glass Animals

Thursday: “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” by Celia Cruz

Friday: “Too Late” by The Happy Fits

Saturday: “忘记你” by Shirley Kwan

Sunday: “Twilight” by bôa