After-school dance classes begin


Dance teacher Amalia De La Rosa instructs an after-school class to a group of Upper School students. Dance classes began last week, taking place everyday from Monday to Thursday.

by Vasudha Rengarajan

This week marked the beginning of the year’s after-school dance classes, held Monday through Thursday in the Upper School dance room.

The classes are focused on technique and are separated by level into two sessions: Technique 1 and Technique 2.

Each class begins with a warm-up that includes a combination of stretches, pushups, crunches, and split exercises. Then, the students move across the floor, working on their turns, leaps, jumps, and kicks.

The Technique 1 class centers on learning basic jazz, simple turns, and the introduction of leaps, while the Technique 2 class focuses on linking technical skills together through dance progressions, double and triple pirouettes, and leap combinations.

Technique 2 student and Varsity dancer Ria Desai (12) found the new classes to be more challenging and fast-paced than those of previous years.

“I think this year’s classes are actually harder,” she said. “[There are] a lot more complicated turns.”

In addition, dance student Renee Tam (12) felt that the after school dance classes are very useful.

“It really prepares you for the dance show and the audition,” she said.

She said she is hoping to develop better technique and more confidence when she dances.

Dance teacher Amalia De La Rosa agreed that the atmosphere of the after-school dance classes combined with the new policy requiring consistent attendance are very beneficial to students.

“It’s a lot better for the students individually because then they grow, and their skills build each week, and that’s a good thing,” she said.

De La Rosa said she expects attendance to increase to 15 or 20 students in the following week.

Classes are to run from September 4 to September 21. Time listings can be found on blue sheets inside and on the door of the dance room.