Catch a dream with Aquila

by Sally Zhu, A&E and Lifestyle Editor

Music Monday features a different category of songs on a weekly basis. Each Monday, Harker Aquila will release seven songs, one song for each day of the week. 

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Plug in some earbuds and put on this playlist to set the mood for some dreaming. These seven songs all have a distinctly hazy, tranquil ambience, whether that’s through the lyrics, soft voices or acoustic strings. Coming back from a 10-day February break, we may all need just a few minutes each day to close our eyes and listen to one of the soothing and dreamlike songs from this week’s playlist, to refresh our hopes and refresh our minds. 

Find the full playlist here:

Monday: “Summertime in Paris” by Jaden and WILLOW

Tuesday: “If You Lie Down With Me” by Lana Del Rey

Wednesday: “Angel Baby” by Troye Sivan

Thursday: “People Watching” by Conan Gray

Friday: “Eternity” by Kestutis K, Dj Harmonics and Contacreast

Saturday: “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals

Sunday: “notice me” by ROLE MODEL and BENEE