Chinese National Honor Society celebrates Chinese New Year with upper school community


Katie Wang

Junior and sophomore dragon dance teams line up next to the Main parking lot and practice their choreography before the official dragon dance competition begins. Seniors placed first in the Class Dragon spirit competition, sophomores second, juniors third, and freshman fourth.

by Katie Wang, TALON Co-Photo Editor

In celebration of Chinese New Year, National Chinese Honor Society (CNHS) collaborated with the International Outlook Foundation to sell “hong bao” and with the Harker Spirit Leadership Team (HSLT) to host a dragon dance competition on Feb. 4.

Students worked with their class to craft a paper dragon and choreograph a dance for spirit points during lunch, with each dragon in its respective class color. The previous week, friends and teachers received “hong bao,” red envelopes containing white rabbit and gold coin candies, stickers and a personal message from students honoring the new lunar year. Some of the proceeds went to the International Outlook Foundation, which strengthens the quality of education of rural schools in China. 

CNHS vice president Maddie Hansen (12) participated in and helped coordinate the “hong bao” sale and dragon dance competition.

“We haven’t had a lot of National Chinese Honors Society events to promote Chinese culture at [Harker] because we’ve been online for the past year, so this was one of the first opportunities to bring that back,” Maddie said. “We’re definitely going to keep that going as a tradition for the next year.”

Jason Shim (9) helps lower the class of 2025’s dragon head. The teams had around 40 minutes to create their dragon followed by 5 minutes of dance rehearsal and a 5-minute dance. (Katie Wang)