A day in the life of cats

Have two minutes? Take a listen to cat stories from three journalism editors and watch clips submitted by the upper school community.

Irene Yuan and Erica Cai

Erica: So, Taro is my almost two-year-old shorthair black cat. He is very, very curious but also very, very scared. He really likes the outdoors, so he spends I’d say 60% of his time outside and the other 40% either sleeping or harassing the nearest human being. I would say he’s a people person, but only with the people that he is familiar with.

Irene: So, Milo is my cat. He is a domestic shorthair. I think he’s very attuned to the routines of my household. Every day, I get up early to do work. So he’ll come at 5 a.m. and then nap on my bed while I’m doing homework from 5 to 6:30 a.m. and then as soon as 6:30 a.m. hits, he’s like, “Oh my parents are probably up,” so he’ll run up because he knows they’ll feed him. My favorite memories are when he was younger. That first month we got him, he would take naps under my desk like at my feet and on my lap, and I was doing a virtual summer camp so I would be on Zoom for hours and hours and I would just be zooming with him just sitting on my lap.

Lucy: I have a cat. Her name is Peaches. She’s a domestic shorthair calico cat. When we first got her, she was actually really timid and shy. She hid into my closet and wouldn’t come out, and I wouldn’t see her all day because she was in my closet. And she would peek her little head out through this crevice in my closet. And then we’d feed her and then she would take the food and then retreat back into her little hidey hole. She’s really affectionate now. From the moment I get home from school she follows me around the house and then when I go to sleep she follows me upstairs to my bedroom and then she doesn’t sleep in my room but when I wake up and my alarm clock goes off she’s instantly in my room, like she can sense when I’m awake. My mom and I, we like to take walks together around the neighborhood. And then she always waits for us to come back. She sits at the window ledge and watches outside until we come back and it’s so adorable.