Future Problem Solvers hosts Parent, Pizza and Problems event


Medha Yarlagadda

Aeliya Grover (10) and Olivia Xu (10) work with students and parents to help them understand more about Future Problem Solvers. The event’s main focus was to introduce the ideas of FPS to members of the club and their parents through an immersive experience.

by Medha Yarlagadda, Co-Asst. Multimedia Editor

The Future Problem Solvers (FPS) club hosted its annual Parent, Pizza and Problems event over Zoom on Jan. 21 for students of all grade levels, with participants ranging from first to 10th grade. 

This event was held to introduce parents to Future Problem Solvers and immersed them in a mock competition. Students and parents were given information about hypothetical problems in 2060 and were instructed to identify the problems as well as find solutions for them. The FPS officers worked to expose parents to the ideas of Future Problem Solvers but to also help students understand how to be successful in a competitive environment. 

Students and their respective parents were split into breakout rooms with two or three other student-parent pairs and an officer. The officers walked the participants through the FPS process and gave them tips on how to be successful in an FPS competition. 

FPS President Shahzeb Lakhani (12) discusses how he wanted to help others build a better understanding of the mission of the club. 

“My favorite part was definitely watching some of the parents have really inquisitive questions about what FPS is, and ultimately realizing how cool the world renowned process that we teach is,” Shahzeb said. “I think definitely seeing the parents enjoy themselves at the event was the best part for me.”

FPS is planning for a town hall event soon where students would be able to participate in a stimulated competition atmosphere, without as many formalities.

Saanvi Bhargava (9) guides younger members of FPS through the process of identifying and solving problems. FPS’s main goal is to build strong problem solving skills, which they helped enrich through this immersive event. (Medha Yarlagadda)