Junior varsity boys water polo team extends win streak with victory over Los Gatos


Tiffany Chang

Oliver Roman (9) blocks a pass from an opposing player during the junior varsity water polo team’s match against Los Gatos on Tuesday. The boys won 13-3.

by Tiffany Chang, TALON Academics Editor

The junior varsity boys water polo team defeated Los Gatos 13-3 on Tuesday.

The game started off slowly: Los Gatos gained an early lead, but the Eagles managed to pull ahead by halftime with a score of 2-1. During the second half, the team capitalized on their opponents’ mistakes, which provided them with more opportunities to score. They maintained a strong offense throughout the game and strengthened their defense during the second half, emerging victorious with a sizable ten-point lead in the end.

“We used a lot of counterattacks, and then we got 13 goals off of them by the end,” junior varsity player Marcus Blenneman (9) said. “Our front court defense could be better. We only let them get three goals, but we probably should still work on it.”

Boys water polo coach and upper school math teacher Victor Adler agreed with Marcus’ sentiments regarding strengthening their defense.

“We have the offensive firepower, but we have to be more focused on defense,” Adler said. “Towards the end of the game, we ground them down—they started making mistakes so that pressure we applied throughout the game finally paid off.”

Adler also mentioned the importance of remaining humble in the face of victory.

“We have an experienced crew that just grinds the other teams down,”  Adler said. “ I’d really like to see us not be cocky because the [junior varsity] team wins most of their games, but still you really have to come out hard at the start of every game.”

The team still has eight matches left on their schedule. They will travel to Palo Alto High School today and Saint Francis High School tomorrow for their next two games.