Class of 2022 suits up for senior portraits


Muthu Panchanatham

Kaden Kapadia (12) poses in a dress shirt and tie. Students could select additional outfits based on the photo package they chose.

by Muthu Panchanatham, Opinion Editor

The Class of 2022 took their senior portraits at the upper school today from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with Prestige Portraits, a photography company for high schools. The shoot will continue throughout tomorrow, and the photos will be displayed in the yearbook.

Students who were unable to register for an on-campus slot can fill out this form to schedule an appointment at a Prestige studio. All portraits at Prestige studios need to be taken by Oct. 16.

Prestige provided seniors with either tuxedos or drapes as a set outfit option. Portraits taken in this attire will be officially included in the yearbook. Photos will be sent out to student emails two to three weeks after the shoot, and seniors must select one of the  portraits for the yearbook by Nov. 6th.

“The photographer was very fast, and he knew what he was doing,” Rohan Rashingkar (12) said. “He gave me guidance on where to turn my head and told me if I needed to push down to make sure my shoulders weren’t too high up for my tux.”

Seniors chose from three photo package options: the standard package, deluxe package or ultimate package. The standard package allowed students to add an additional outfit and choose from three backgrounds and ten poses. The deluxe package included two additional outfits, five backgrounds and up to 20 poses. Finally, those who chose the ultimate package could bring three additional outfits and select from nine backgrounds and 28 poses. Seniors could also take images with a graduation cap and gown as part of the ultimate package. 

“We’re not really going to have any other professional photoshoots,” said Nikki Kapadia (12), who chose the deluxe package. “For one of my additional outfits, I took a lot of photos for dance. They turned out really nicely, so I was really grateful that I chose the extra package.”