Music Monday: Explore the eerie with Aquila

by Alysa Suleiman, A&E Editor

Music Monday features a different category of songs on a weekly basis. Each Monday, Harker Aquila will release seven songs, one song for each day of the week.

Though you may have heard classics like the soundtrack to “American Horror Story” or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” symbols of the American horror genre, you might also enjoy recent releases like the soundtrack to last summer’s Netflix craze “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.” this mini playlist We hope that this week’s mini-playlist of horror and thriller-themed songs fill you with a deliciously sinister tingle and introduce you to new niche songs.  

Find the full playlist here:

Monday: “Fake” by The Tech Thieves

Tuesday: “Blood // Water – King Kavalier Remix” by grandson ft. King Kavalier

Wednesday: “Resurrection” by GANK

Thursday: “I’m Your Psycho” by Janet Suhh

Friday: “Freak” by Sub Urban ft. REI AMI

Saturday: “Cravin'” by Stileto ft. Kendyle Paige

Sunday: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson