Music Monday: Dance in the rain with Aquila

by Alysa Suleiman, A&E Editor

Music Monday features a different category of songs on a weekly basis. Each Monday, Harker Aquila will release seven songs, one song for each day of the week.

Pitter patter. During our winter months in California, the soft and sporadic rain blankets us in a world of crystal coolness, and we, suspended in the scintillating, wavering waters of this aquatic orb, feel our hearts and minds become one with the force of nature. With rain comes a deep cleansing and rebirth of everything rich and beautiful, pulled deep from within the soil of the Earth, so close your eyes, and for just a moment, imagine yourself swaying in the cool rain as the layered electropop melodies and subtle lo-fi beats of these songs wash over you. Through this week’s mini-playlist, we hope to have elevated your rainy-day experience during February’s brief seasonal showers.  

Find the full playlist here:

Monday: “Feelings” by Lauv

Tuesday: “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic” by Sista Prod ft. Subvrbs

Wednesday: “Easy” by Troye Sivan

Thursday: “ily (i love you baby)” by Surf Mesa ft. Emilee

Friday: “Shine” by Xavier Omär and Sango ft. Foggieraw

Saturday: “Fallingwater” by Maggie Rogers

Sunday: “Clean” by Taylor Swift