Happening at Harker 10/30: Halloween costume contest, UNICEF trick-or-treat and Fall Play


Arely Sun

“Happening at Harker” is a new Aquila repeater which offers compilations of events occurring in the Harker community a few times a week.

by Lucy Ge and Emily Tan

“Happening at Harker” is a new Aquila repeater to be published a couple times a week with a compilation of upcoming events and opportunities. Through this repeater, Aquila hopes to provide a one-stop-shop for the Harker community to keep up with upper school events. 

Liberal Arts Research Speaker Event: Upper school librarian Lauri Vaughan and upper school history teacher Donna Gilbert will be hosting a speaker event with Dr. Fiona Griffiths on Nov. 11 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Dr. Griffiths is a historian, Harker parent and Professor of History at Stanford University. The event will take place in Vaughan’s Zoom room

Harker Spirit Costume Contest: Students can submit a picture of their current or past halloween costumes today to enter Harker Spirit’s Costume Contest. Submit at tiny.cc/costumecomp or tag @harkerspirit in an Instagram story. 

Harker Book Blog Submissions: The Harker Book Blog is now open to submissions. Students can submit book reviews here and creative articles here.

UNICEF asynchronous trick-or-treat: Watch 1-2 minute videos and participate in an interactive activity to earn money for UNICEF up until Nov. 15. Watching the videos or participating in the interactive activities will contribute coins that translate to money that will be donated to UNICEF. Links to the videos are here.

Mask Making Service Project: Sign up for upper school librarian Lauri Vaughan’s mask making project at this link. 20 upper school students created 500 masks in the past month and earned a total of 135 community service hours. 

Happiness Committee’s Wednesday Weekly: This week’s Wednesday Weekly can be found here

Justin Michael Williams speaker event: The replay video of speaker, author and musician Justin Michael Williams’s virtual visit to the upper school on Tuesday can be found here.

Diversity Committee Halloween Costume guidelines: With Halloween coming up tomorrow, the Diversity Committee has released guidelines for students to possibly consider when picking Halloween costumes.

Fall Play: This year’s remote fall play performances include Miles Apart but Close at Heart, the freshman and sophomore show, and School for Thought, the junior and senior show. The recording of the productions can be found here; the access password is Fallplay2020, and School for Thought begins at the 46:30 timestamp.