Students receive supplies for upcoming school year during distribution day


Provided by Office of Communications

Upper school librarian Meredith Cranston waves to a student driving by. Students drove by the front loading zone on Saturday to receive supplies for the upcoming school year.

by Lucy Ge, Winged Post News Editor

Students drove by the upper school front loading zone on Saturday to receive supplies for the upcoming school year. 

Masked faculty members put bags into trunks and waved the students on. Students received supplies from their teachers, advisors and coaches, including items like lab kits, anthologies for English classes, composition notebooks, workout equipment, choir folders, physics worksheets, and art supplies.

“It’s definitely surreal [being back on campus],” Samvita Gautham (10) said. “I actually got there pretty early and didn’t see anyone, but I recognized some of my teachers and got to say ‘hi.’ It feels like you’re back on campus for the first time.”

Upper school athletic director Dan Molin surveys the bags. Various faculty members handed out supplies to students during distribution day. (Provided by Office of Communications)


A Harker faculty member waves cars on as students drive by campus to pick up supplies. (Anoushka Buch)


Upper school assistant volleyball coach Stephanie Coleman hands a bag to a student. (Provided by Office of Communications)


Upper school football head coach Loren Powers waves to a car driving by. (Provided by Office of Communications)


Harker families line up in their cars to receive supplies. (Anoushka Buch)


Assistant to upper school athletic director Alfredo Alves loads a bag into a car. (Anoushka Buch)