FEM Club holds Fem Forum discussing intersectional feminism


Irene Yuan

FEM Club officer Julia Biswas discusses intersectional feminism at the second Fem Forum of the semester.

by Irene Yuan, Asst. Photo Editor

Students and faculty attended the FEM club’s forum about intersectional feminism yesterday during long lunch at 12:50 p.m. in upper school history teacher Donna Gilbert’s room. The forum focused on intersections between identities such as gender, race, class, sexuality and disability, and how those factors affect discrimination.

“I hope people take away the fact that it is important to stand up for yourselves, to stand up for others, and know that there’s a community here at Harker that’s willing to support them and to fight for their rights,” FEM Club officer Julia Biswas (11) said.

The next forum will take place on March 24 and will discuss unconscious bias.