Students attend LIFE assemblies, meet with Eagle Buddies


Kathy Fang

Stephen Hughes (’12), Nick Nguyen (’15), Sheridan Tobin (’15) and Raghav Jain (’16) talk about their college lifestyles during a LIFE meeting for the seniors last Wednesday. The discussion was moderated by seniors Radhika Jain and Adhya Hoskote.

by Saahil Thoppay, Reporter

 Freshmen, sophomore and seniors attended LIFE assemblies on Wednesday while the juniors went to the Bucknall campus for Eagle Buddies. 

The freshman assembly in Nichols Auditorium was a presentation hosted by Colleen T. Lee, an attorney for Skadden and Harker alumni, about the possibly incriminating laws regarding sex, bullying and social media usage. The sophomore LIFE meeting was about course planning, similar to the one freshmen had a few weeks ago.

The seniors attended a Q&A session with Harker alumni from Duke University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, UC Davis and the University of Southern California as they near upcoming college application deadlines. 

At the Bucknall campus, juniors met with their fourth-grade Eagle Buddies for the first time this year, eating lunch with them and playing various activities ranging from ping pong to bracelet-making. with them and play various activities.