Humans of Harker: Moving to the beat

Chris Gong discovers himself through dance


Nicole Chen

“I dance whenever I get a chance to. When I hear music, I dance. it’s almost an instinct at this point. But I just feel like dance will always be a part of my life int he sense that I love it, I love doing it, and it’s very easy to do at any time. So if I hear music, I will dance to that music, if I can go to class, I will go to class, if I get a chance to teach a class I will try and teach a class. Any opportunity that I get for dance I’ve been trying to say yes to that, even if it’s pushing out of my comfort zone, and even if I feel outclassed by every other dancer there,” Chris Gong (’19) said.

by Nina Gee, Visuals Editor

This is the third installment of the Humans of Harker 2019 video series. Through this project, the Harker journalism program aims to tell the story of the senior class, one profile at a time.

Nina Gee