Narendra Modi clinches win in Indian elections


Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister signs an autograph for a supporter following his victory last Thursday. Modi secured a landslide victory over his opponents, securing his second term in office.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

Indian Prime Minister achieved a landslide victory in the country’s general elections on May 23, gaining 63.6% of the vote according to a Nielsen poll. Dedicating his victory to the Indian people, Modi earned himself a second term in office, leading the Bharatiya Janata Party to a victory. Following results from the polls, Rahul Ghandi, the leader of the opposition Congress Party released his concession statement, acknowledging Modi as the next Prime Minister of India.

Though critics throughout India and even within Modi’s party itself were unsure of a second victory for Modi, he defied odds throughout the six-week voting cycle as 900 million people cast their ballots, with his party also winning 303 seats in the Indian Parliament, more than any other party.

Looking to the future, Modi stressed the importance of progress.

“We must go ahead with everyone — even those who oppose us — and work together toward the betterment of the country,” Modi said.

Modi, hailed as a Hindu nationalist, has promoted the economy while simultaneously increasing the unemployment rate. While campaigning, he focused on religious tensions between India and Pakistan, stressing national security and border protection.

“This is a victory for the youth who have dreams. For the mother who wished for a toilet. For every sick person who couldn’t afford treatment. For farmers who toil hard for the nation. For poor people moving into their first home. For every law-abiding, tax-paying citizen,” Modi said.