Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior class council candidates deliver speeches


Kathy Fang

Thomas Rainow (11) delivers his speech as a candidate for his class’s senior council. Several candidates from each class ran for class council this year, with a record number of 28 candidates running for next year’s junior class council.

by Nicole Tian, Reporter

The freshman, sophomore, and junior class candidates for next year’s student council delivered their speeches in place of morning office hours and class meetings on Apr. 24 and 26 in the Auxiliary Gym, Athletic Center and the Patil Theater, respectively.

Freshman speeches began with four out of five candidates running for the position of spirit coordinator and advanced to the five students running to become Secretary. The meeting ended with a speech from one of the three presidential candidates. The sophomore class listened to their peers running for the positions of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. In total, there were 28 candidates from the sophomore class running for both student council and honor council. Seventeen juniors delivered their speeches on Apr. 24, and those running for spirit coordinator continued during class meeting on Apr. 26.

Due to the number of candidates, all three classes held additional speeches in the next few days, and elections were held during long lunch in the journalism room on the 26th. Voters were able to select multiple candidates for each position and then chose one for the tiebreaker.

Voting was supervised by members from honor council, who took shifts throughout lunch and checked in students at the entrance to the journalism room. Honor Council Chair Anthony Silk handed out “My Vote Counted” stickers to students on their way out.