Varsity boys tennis crushes Nueva in home opener


Emily Tan

Richard Hu (11) hits the ball during the match last Monday against Nueva. The boys play tomorrow at Sacred Heart.

by Emily Tan, Reporter

The varsity tennis team crushed the Nueva Mavericks on Monday 7-0 in their first match of the season at the Blackford tennis courts.

Even though the team has been practicing on these courts up to this match, the conditions were more difficult than expected, with heavy rain impacting match play. However, despite the terrible weather, the players managed to adjust and play their game.

“I think we’re used to playing in these conditions. We talked a lot, preached a lot, how to deal with these situations,” coach John Fruttero said. “It’s our home field advantage that we finally have for the first time in our history.”

Intense back-and-forth games played out on each of the courts, but the Eagles quickly gained momentum and finished off their matches on a high note. As a whole, the team started off their season with both strong skills and strong connections between the players, with people who were not playing encouraging their teammates from off the courts.

“I think we did well supporting each other,” Joshua Zhou (11) said. “People who weren’t playing were cheering on the other people, [but] what we could have done better is adapting to the conditions better because it’s a lot windier than we expected.”

Fruttero emphasized team chemistry, adding on that the team seems to be in good shape for the upcoming season but that, in order to qualify for CCS, everyone has to continue working and developing their skills, may it be physically or mentally.

“We just have a really close team. . . I think we have a pretty good start. Good start to the season. Generally, our teams tend to improve more than all the other teams [improve], we’re starting at a pretty good level, so that’s a good start for the season,” he said. “The goal is always to get into CCS and do the best we can once we get there, so that means we have to develop and grow as much as possible, tactically, technically, and spirit-wise as a team, as a unit between now and then.”

The boys play at Sacred Heart Prep tomorrow at 3:45 p.m.