School meeting recap 1/18/19


Kathy Fang

Members of junior class council Evan Cheng, Avi Gulati, Roma Gandhi and Alyssa Huang announce the theme, “Midnight in Paris,” for this year’s Winter Ball, which will be held next Saturday.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

As students clamored to their seats at the last school meeting of the first semester, ASB President Neil Ramaswamy attempted to settle the crowd as English teacher Charlie Shuttleworth’s made an announcement about the annual Shakespeare Competition, which invites high school students to perform a memorized monologue from one of the playwright’s works.

The competition took place on Jan. 18 at 12:45 in the auditorium, and sign-ups were posted on Schoology several weeks prior with a list of eligible monologues.

Simar Bajaj (11) announced a speaker event hosted by Medical Club, which took place from 12:45-1:30 on Jan. 18, featuring Dr. Paul Bollyky who spoke on wound healing and biomaterials.

Key Club talked about their upcoming fundraiser at the Chipotle branch in Cupertino, where Harker students can purchase food and specifically designate that their payment be donated to the club’s fundraiser.

The Junior Council encouraged students to buy tickets for this year’s Winter Ball, “Midnight in Paris,” which will be held on Jan. 26 from 7:30-10:30 p.m. Early-bird ticket prices ended on Jan. 18, and tickets are now being sold for $35.

History Club announced the second round of Shah Salons, which will be held on Jan. 23 from 3:15-4:30 p.m. Several history and art teachers will be hosting Salons, with Byron Stevens holding a session on “Impeachment: Historical Perspectives,” Mark Janda and Pilar Aguero-Esparza on “Toxic Masculinity,” Damon Halback on “Kendrick Lamar’s Damn,” and Clifford Hull and Julie Wheeler on “Apartheid.”

The Student Diversity Leadership Gathering will be taking place on Feb. 2 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. in Nichols Hall, where students can address issues such as social justice and equality while working with Rodney Glasgow, a prominent diversity facilitator. Attendance is free, and lunch and breakfast will be provided.

Student Council will be selling Valentine Grams for 5 dollars each through an email form available on Schoology. Sales end on Feb. 1.

Upper school Head Athletic Trainer Jaron Olson made an announcement about P.E. credit fulfillment, urging seniors to meet with him should they not have sufficient credit to graduate at the moment. Spring sports registration will open in a week, and three yoga classes and one Capoeira class will be offered next semester for students not involved in interscholastic sports. In addition to the previously offered options, there will be fencing classes held now as well. Interested students are encouraged to email Jaron Olson at [email protected].

To close the meeting, Upper school Academic Dean Kelly Horan presented about Course Planning and Selection. 2019-2020 school year course selections are due at 8 a.m. on Jan. 29.