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WP – Makeup Review


Playful or natural? Fierce or feminine? Makeup is similar to art in that there seem to be an infinite variety of colors, textures, and brushes. Choosing between brands is one way to narrow down the decision of how to enhance one’s face. Whether one chooses a cool and casual look created by brands such as Benefit and Urban Decay, an affordable appearance allowed by Covergirl, or a more formal work-style look formed with Lancôme products, finding the brand that matches one’s personality is a way to bring out your inner beauty.

Macy’s makeup department stylists from these companies created a natural look using mascara, foundation, and lipstick to exhibit the epitome of each brand for The Winged Post. All prices are as listed at Macy’s.

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara: 2 stars

From one of the classiest and priciest brands of makeup, Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara works as it is advertised. The conical shape of the brush effectively lifts and gives volume to the eyelashes; however, it creates a cat-eye look.

The extreme volume of the eyelash lacks the natural look that is a popular choice for everyday schoolwear. Although the mascara looks professional, it becomes clumpy and heavy once applied and is excessively formal for a regular basis. Available for $25, the product may be beyond a student’s budget.

“Because of my age, I don’t think makeup is important enough to waste that type of money on. Drugstore makeup will work just as well,” Delaney Martin (9) said.

Benefit “They’re Real!” Mascara: 4 stars

“They’re Real!,” a mascara by Benefit, feels and looks natural while lengthening and lifting eyelashes. The linear shape of the brush gives eyelashes volume while simultaneously curling them, creating a natural look fit for students.

However, the mascara is not evenly distributed across the eyelashes once applied, causing a slightly unbalanced look. More affordable than Lancôme, the mascara is still rather expensive at $22 in the Macy’s make up department.

Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara: 3 stars

Urban Decay’s Supercurl Mascara is not as obvious as the other two mascaras, creating a look appropriate for an everyday environment at a slightly lower cost of $20. However, the brush shape is a crescent, causing the mascara to clump on the edges and distribute unevenly along the eye.

Additionally, the mascara’s lack of a volumizing effect equalizes it to a normal drugstore product and it does not create a distinguishable look. Therefore, it is not worth the higher price.

Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation: 4 stars

Teint Miracle Foundation, a sheer to moderate coverage foundation by Lancôme, gives a natural finish to any look. Once applied, the foundation is extremely light and provides a complete appearance even without additional application of powder.

“It’s good for various skin tones, and you can’t tell you’re wearing it,” Jolie Laines, a representative from Lancôme, said.

Although it is an expensive foundation, available at Macy’s for $37, benefits of the oil-free foundation include SPF 15 protection. Lancôme’s wide variety of foundation makes choosing a color suitable to every skin tone easier, eliminating awkward unbalances between skin color and foundation.

Benefit “You Rebel” Foundation: 3 stars

Costing $30, Benefit’s tinted moisturizer “You Rebel,” gives a smooth look that also appears natural. In comparison to Lancome, it is much more subtle and suitable for daily use.

However, the product results in a less finished appearance. To create the same complete look as Lancome’s foundation, Benefit’s “Hello Flawless!” powder and “Boi-ing” concealer by Benefit are also necessary.

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder Foundation: 5 stars

Urban Decay’s unique oil-free cream-to-powder foundation is a creamy base that changes into a powder a few minutes after it is put on. Once various colors are tested, a person can identify her perfect shade by finding one that disappears into the skin. As a result, it is relatively simple to find a color that matches different skin tones.

The foundation significantly covers redness and blemishes and blends in with the skin. However, at a higher price of $34, the product is more time-consuming to apply than the other foundations because it takes a while to disappear.

Lancôme L’absolu Rouge Lipstick: 1 star

At $29, Lancôme’s L’absolu Rouge Lipstick with built-in moisturizer is not the ideal lipstick for students, as it needs to be retouched every three hours with lip gloss and is very discernible, creating a less natural look.

Its use is better suited to the work environment, as it glides on heavily due to the moisturizer and does not provide the same glossy effect as many other lipsticks do without the additional application of gloss. The product also proves to be potentially problematic because it comes off easily. Additionally, the color choices are not as vivid and varied as those of the other brands.

Benefit “Do Tell” Lipstick: 5 stars

“Do Tell” is a lipstick by Benefit that gives a full finish and lasts all day. Although it has no SPF or moisturizer, the silky finish provides the same consistency as chapstick or lip balm and does not feel heavy after application. Additionally, this lipstick does not come off easily unlike Lancôme’s.

“It’s really about fun. That’s actually our motto,” said Emily De Vries, who works with Benefit.

The colors of lipstick that Benefit offers are much more playful and perfect for making one’s day-to-day look more exciting.

Urban Decay Naked Lipstick: 4 stars

Costing $22, Urban Decay’s Naked lipstick feels smooth to wear and provides a balanced consistency similar to chapstick as well without gliding on too thickly or heavily. In addition, it appears naturally glossy without an extra layer of overcoat or lip gloss.

Like Benefit, Urban Decay offers a large variety of unusual colors. Although some do not look very natural, the colors are vibrant and cheerful, suited for special occasions like parties.

“I don’t like crazy-colored makeup for school because it’s too gaudy for a daily basis,” Pooja Chirala (10) said.


After comparing all three looks, the Benefit brand seems to be the most suited for a daily school-appropriate yet classy appearance. Although Urban Decay and Covergirl products are more affordable, they do not look as natural as Benefit ones do. Lancome’s makeup ensure quality; however, the price, combined with its more formal look, do not make Lancôme the most convenient option for students.

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