Boys varsity volleyball defeats Lynbrook in three sets


Varsha Rammohan

The varsity boys’ volleyball game stands in position before the ball is served by the other team. They won their game against Lynbrook in three sets.

by Varsha Rammohan, Reporter

The boys varsity volleyball team defeated Lynbrook High Schools in three sets last Friday, with scores of 25-11, 25-17 and 25-17.

The first set opened with a serve from Charlie Molin (11) as well as blocks and hits by Billy Fan (9) and Jarrett Anderson (11). Jarrett’s serve streak later on in the set propelled the team to a 25-17 win over Lynbrook.

“Some of our main strengths are we play well when we are on a roll, and our level of play kind of snowballs until we are pretty much unbeatable,” Billy said. “Also, when we pass well and we can run our offense properly, that’s how we get on those rolls.”

In the second set, strong serves by Jarrett gave Harker a six-point lead, at which point Lynbrook’s coach called a timeout. Blocks by Brian Pinkston (9) and Jeffrey Kwan (10) throughout the set demonstrated Harker’s strong defense.

Coach Chad Gordon put in players Liam Bakar (10), Michael Kwan (12) and Vedanth Sundaram (10) towards the end of the third set. All three players had strong hits with assists by Charlie. The final score of the third set was 25-17.

The team faces Saratoga High School at home on Wednesday, April 18.