Students vote in annual class council elections


Emily Chen

Junior class council treasurer candidate Allie Yen (10) addresses the sophomore class. Voting for this year’s class council elections took place in the journalism room and Shah 404 during long lunch today.

by Kathy Fang, Photo Editor

Students cast their votes for next year’s sophomore, junior and senior class councils in the journalism room and Shah 404 during long lunch today after hearing the candidates’ speeches at separate class meetings this morning and Monday morning.

Like in previous years, this year’s elections were conducted via an approval voting system, in which a voter is asked to vote for as many candidates as he or she approves of. The winners will be selected based on which candidate received the most approvals.

“As for my campaign for [the position of treasurer], I wanted to maintain honesty, and I hope that that came through in my speech,” senior class council treasurer candidate Andrea Simonian (11) said. “I just wanted to be honest about the fact that I genuinely wanted the position and that it brought me real joy to be involved in student life and that I wanted to take that to a new level.”

In addition to voting for the rising junior class council, the Class of 2020 also voted for their honor council representatives, who will remain in office for the next two years. A total of nine honor council candidates delivered speeches after the class council candidates’ speeches during today’s advisory period. Three students will be elected by the sophomore class via paper ballots tomorrow.

“Honor council just seemed to be the thing that appealed to me most, and I’m already doing different activities that do relate to honor council,” honor council candidate Shyl Lamba (10) said. “With my grandfather and all, I felt like that’s something I could really put myself into.”

The winners of the class council elections will be announced tomorrow after school at a meeting between the candidates.