Technology Student Association raises funds for conference


Devanshi Mehta

Technology Student Association members Cat Zhao (10) and Anna Wang (11) set up Fantasia pearl milk tea tables outside Manzanita. All proceeds from sales will go towards expenses for the TSA California State Conference, which members of the club will be attending from March 24 to 25 in Bakersfield.

by Meena Gudapati and Devanshi Mehta

Technology Student Association (TSA) sold boba tea during their club week this week to raise funds for their trip to the TSA California State Conference in Bakersfield.

The conference, which Harker’s TSA attends annually, will take place from March 24 to 25 at CSU Bakersfield. Club members can participate in over 30 different competitive events, like Biotechnology Design and Photographic Technology, which combine technology with other fields.

Anna Wang (11) is the Director of Technology for TSA and will be attending the conference.

“We all go there for a few days and compete against other schools in California,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun; if you want to combine interdisciplinary studies, it’s a really great club to join.”

For the fundraiser, TSA members sold passionfruit fruit tea and classic milk tea from Fantasia. TSA sold 60 teas on Tuesday and Wednesday, 30 teas on Thursday and 50 teas on Friday. Profits will go towards expenses for the conference including transportation and competition costs.

The 2018 National TSA Conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia from June 22 to 29.