Six seniors named scholars in Regeneron Science Talent Search


Ryan Guan

Regeneron scholars Eleanor Xiao, Rajiv Movva, Justin Xie, Amy Dunphy, Amy Jin and Jimmy Lin. The seniors were six of 300 scholars named nationwide in the competition.

by Katherine Zhang, STEM Editor

The Regeneron Science Talent Search named six Harker seniors as scholars, an honor awarded to the top 300 entrants in the country. Regeneron posted a list of the scholars, who were chosen from 1,818 total entrants, online today.

Seniors Amy Dunphy, Amy Jin, Jimmy Lin, Rajiv Movva, Eleanor Xiao and Justin Xie are among the scholars for the 2018 Regeneron Competition. As scholars, all students receive $2000 from the competition. Additionally, $2000 per scholar will be given to the school. Students submitted applications consisting of essay questions, recommendation letters and a research report to the competition on Nov. 15.

This is the second year that Regeneron has held its Science Talent Search, taking up sponsorship of the competition after the Intel Corporation ended its 17-year stint as sponsor. Last year, Regeneron announced a ten-year, $100 million commitment to the competition. Regeneron continues to maintain the structure and guidelines of the competition, which allows high school seniors to submit research projects that they have executed individually for judging by three Ph.D. level scientists.

In the next stage of the competition, a panel of 15 distinguished scientists from various disciplines will choose 40 of the 300 scholars to be finalists in the competition. The finalists will be announced on Jan. 23 on the Regeneron website.