Tri-M Music Honor Society holds club week


Rose Guan

Tri-M co-president Jeffrey Yang (10) takes money from a student buying boba at the club’s fundraiser outside Manzanita after school on Tuesday. Tri-M sold pearl milk tea from Tea Top on Tuesday and Thursday.

by Rose Guan, Wingspan Senior Staff Writer and Designer

The upper school’s Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter sold pearl milk tea from Tea Top after school Tuesday and Thursday in order to raise money for a music education organization as part of its club week this week.

Beyond reestablishing the chapter’s presence at school, Tri-M is selling $5 boba drinks to raise funds for Music for Minors, a Bay Area-based organization that helps provide music education programs to local schools.

“Besides reviving our club, we also want to get our name out there. It’s also a really important cause to us; all of us really value musical education,” co-president Jeffrey Yang (10) said. “We want to spread the positive effects of music to the community. We’re hosting performances at retirement homes and stuff like that to spread our talents and hard work to people around us.”

Tri-M is a music honor society for high school and middle school students and a division of the National Association for Music Education, a music teacher association. Tri-M chapters like the upper school’s focus on music education, advocacy and service.

“We had an active chapter for many years, and then it kind of died off. The two presidents, Allison [Yen (10)] and Jeffrey, have been really motivated to get it going again,” Tri-M adviser and music teacher Chris Florio said. “This is actually, in all the years we’ve had, I think our first true club week that we’ve had. The club’s mission is actually to promote music and music education to both our school community and the greater community.”

Power of Words will be holding their club week next week.