Spanish National Honor Society holds annual Spanish Olympiad


Meena Gudapati

SNHS advisor Abel Olivas holds up a bingo card and bingo clues while explaining the rules of the game. Event attendees also participated in another activity where they attempted to identify the genres of a series of Spanish songs.

by Srinath Somasundaram, Reporter

Members of the Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS) participated in the annual Spanish Olympiad in Nichols Atrium during lunch today.

The event included a few cultural activities, including a cultural bingo prepared by SNHS president David Wen (12) meant to refresh the students’ knowledge on Hispanic culture with the added incentive of prizes for the winners.

“It’s a relaxing activity where people get quizzed on their understanding of Spanish culture, and it’s really just a casual way to learn more about it and be more aware,” David said.

Students sat in small groups socializing in Spanish and eating their lunch. A “pastel de tres leches,” a traditional Mexican dessert, was also prepared for attendees to enjoy while participating in the event’s games and activities.

“This is a cultural bonding event where we do a couple of activities to promote the language and culture in the community and to get our group to celebrate culture internally as a club,” SNHS advisor Abel Olivas said.

After playing bingo, event attendees participated in another activity where they attempted to identify the genres of a series of Spanish songs.

The SNHS is an invitation-only group, where all members are chosen for and inducted into the organization based on their past performance in upper school Spanish classes. Members must have taken at least three semesters of Spanish as well as currently be taking an honors or AP level Spanish course with an A- grade or higher.

“I think it just clicked for me since the beginning, and it’s a great way to experience the culture,” first-year SHNS member Akhila Ramgiri (11) said. “I’m really excited to learn some things about Spanish culture in the SHNS.”

SNHS plans to hold future events, such as their annual Spanish Cultural Night later this school year in the spring, and is also currently planning a Spanish language online magazine for the Harker community.