School meeting recap 10/10


Kathy Fang

Academic Dean Evan Barth delivers a short speech about former Head of School Howard Nichols’ life during today’s school meeting. “He was the Head of School that would stop and pick up a gum wrapper from the floor,” Barth said.

by Anvi Banga, Aquila Asst. News Editor

Harker Journalism played a video featuring photos of students taken last week.

The school community held a moment of silence to honor the victims of the recent Las Vegas shooting.

GSA advocate Alissa Gao (9) reminded students and faculty that National Coming Out Day is tomorrow. She spoke about the history of the holiday and shared her personal experience with coming out as bisexual.

GSA advocate Alissa Gao (9) spoke about her journey towards discovering her sexuality and addressed her family members’ varying degrees of receptiveness to her coming out as bisexual. Alissa thanked the Harker community for its acceptance of students and faculty of all sexual orientations and referenced Evan Bourke (9) as one member of the Harker community who helped her feel comfortable with coming out in a school setting.

Anika Banga (12) and Satchi Thockchom (12), co-presidents of Green Team, Harker’s sustainability club, announced that the school would no longer be implementing “Meatless Mondays” but will have increased vegetarian options instead. They urged students to keep in mind their environmental footprint when choosing what to eat.

Assistant Head of School Greg Lawson informed students that around 2,000 metal utensils are thrown away in the cafeteria trash cans every month. Lawson then went over emergency response protocol to an active shooter situation and reviewed pedestrian safety.

Research Club announced a lecture series that will be starting on Friday at 12:50 p.m. The topic of the upcoming lecture is gene editing.

This week is Chinese Culture Club’s club week, and representatives will be selling boba after school on Thursday and Friday and holding a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival meeting with mooncakes during long lunch on Friday. They were also selling after school today.

Kathy Fang
Chinese Culture Club member Alycia Cary (11) encourages students to purchase boba at tables outside Manzanita for to support the club for their club week. Chinese Culture Club members will also be hosting a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival meeting with mooncakes for interested students and faculty during long lunch on Friday.

Academic Dean Evan Barth spoke to commemorate former Head of School Howard Nichols’ birthday. Students enjoyed chocolate chip cookies after the school meeting in honor of him.

Tiffany Wong
Students enjoy a treat of chocolate chip cookies from a table outside the Main offices after today’s school meeting. Another table of cookies was stationed near the Singh Aquatics Center.