University of Waterloo representatives visit fifth period math classes


Rose Guan

Professor Bill Anderson points to a spreadsheet during his presentation. Anderson discussed engineering and design for two fifth-period math classes.

by Rose Guan, Wingspan Senior Staff Writer and Designer

Representatives from the engineering department at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, presented to two math classes today during fifth period in math department chair Anthony Silk’s room, Dobbins 204.

The representatives — Bill A. Anderson, director of admissions for engineering and professor of chemical engineering, and Karyn Hynes, associate director of admissions for engineering — spoke to Dr. Anuradha Aiyer’s Advanced Topics in Mathematics: Signals and Systems class and Bradley Stoll’s Honors Linear Algebra class.

Hynes presented about the university overall, and Anderson discussed the mathematics of some basic physical problems and the necessity of simulations and estimations in engineering.

“Studying in Canada, you can still get a world-class education,” Hynes said during the presentation. “Waterloo itself is a very student-central city. We have two universities and a college there, so about 60,000 students study in Waterloo.”

During Anderson’s presentation, students attempted problems and considered design challenges relating to an engineering case study about rainfall collection in San Jose. Students also received informational packets about the university.

The representatives also gave a general presentation about the university in the college counseling office at 10:50 a.m., during sixth period. Though other colleges present during classes in the college counseling office, presentations are not usually given to classes.