Freshmen attend first LIFE assembly


Tiffany Wong

Academic Dean Evan Barth welcomes the Class of 2021 to their first LIFE assembly. The juniors also attended a LIFE assembly, while the seniors and sophomores held their first Eagle Buddies session of the year.

by Daniel Wang, Reporter

The freshman class attended a LIFE assembly hosted by Academic Dean Evan Barth about course planning from 11:10 a.m. to 12 p.m. today in Nichols Atrium.

Barth worked with the freshmen on their four-year high school plans and introduced the various courses and electives offered at the school. He then encouraged them to think carefully about their schedules, explaining that if students start planning earlier in high school, they will have more time to consider what type of educational path they want to take with their classes.

“Let’s take control of what we’re doing. I call it ‘being put in the driver’s seat,’” he said.

During the assembly, Barth first told the students to reflect on the most interesting thing they learned over the past week and on what they wanted to explore in high school. He also emphasized that students should plan their courses based on what they, and not others, wanted.

The freshmen brought their laptops and pencils to the meeting to start their plans and had time at the end of the meeting to construct a course plan on their laptops with Four Year Planner, the online course planner tool recommended by Barth.

Many freshmen felt that the assembly was helpful in planning for the next four years.

“This assembly was pretty helpful because it got us to understand the many different choices of courses we can have, and we got advice from Mr. Barth,” Shray Alag (9) said.

Many freshmen advisors felt that the assembly was critical to students’ preparation for future.

“I think it’s extremely helpful because there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the classes a student should take,” Josh Martinez, media art teacher and freshman advisor, said. “Mr. Barth particularly does a good job of saying that it’s possible to do too much. If you take all the classes, you miss the important part of having a creative educational life.”

Students can continue to plan their schedules at