Varsity girls water polo match cancelled due to clock issues


Eric Fang

Anika Tiwari (10) looks for a teammate to throw the ball to in the home game against Monta Vista. The girls’ team played for about half of the first quarter before the game was cancelled because of problems with the clock.

by Alex Wang, Opinion Editor

The varsity girls water polo team has postponed its game against Monta Vista High School after issues with the clock impeded the progression of the game.

The girls played about half of the first quarter before the clock malfunctioned and forced the game to be paused. The coaches and referee called in a specialist to attempt to fix the clock, but after the game was delayed for over half an hour, the referee decided to cancel the match and reschedule it for a later date.

“I’m pretty frustrated, since I was ready to get in for a good game, and it’s unfortunate that it got postponed,” team captain Sumi Wadhwa (12) said.

Sophomore Alicia Xu saw the game going well and highlighted the untimeliness of the clock malfunction.

“We started with a lot of momentum and continued until the clock died,” Alicia said.

Head coach Allison Lamb echoed this sentiment but is looking forward to the rematch.

“We came out really strong and our goalie started off very well, so we’re excited to play them again,” Lamb said.

Sophomore Rohan Sonecha, who plays on the varsity boys team and was managing the desk for the girls’ game, described the effects of the delay on his own game and schedule.

“I think it is unfortunate because it always delays our games,” Rohan said. “This just means that the later games get pushed back even further, so I’ll have less time to do my work at home.”

The current game score for the game is 0-1, which the girls will start at in their upcoming rematch.

While a date has not been set for the rematch, the girls next play in the Watsonville High School Tournament over this weekend and against Wilcox High School away next Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.