Students and faculty gather for annual club fair


Kathy Fang

Isabella Spradlin (12) and Tiffany Shou (12) hand out balloons to passing students at the Amnesty International booth, a non-governmental organization which advocates for human rights. Several clubs gave out candy, balloons and other treats as a means of encouraging students to sign up.

by Kathy Fang, Photo Editor

The upper school’s annual Club Fair invited students and faculty to explore a variety of clubs and organizations today at Nichols Hall.

Booths hosted by the officers of each club were spread inside Nichols Atrium and around the area outside Nichols. Streamers, balloons, music and slogans filled the air as students toured the various displays.

“Going to Club Fair, I just wanted to see what would interest me,” Akshay Manglik (9) said.

A collection of new and revived clubs debuted at the fair, one of them being Tri-M, a recently revived organization formerly known as Modern Music Masters. Tri-M is devoted to performing music of all kinds, ranging from acapella singing to chamber music, both for charity and at Harker.

“We basically wanted to do some ‘community service through music’ club, so we proposed the idea to Mr. Florio, and he suggested we restart Tri-M,” club co-president Allie Yen (10) said. “We just wanted to give back to the community through music.”

Other returning clubs, such upper school science research journal Harker Horizon, saw the fair as an opportunity to attract more students to become involved in their organizations’ activities.

“Our goal was to give all the students an opportunity to figure out what Horizon actually is and how they can help the community, whether it be based on their research or other research, and [to get] more of the student community to showcase any research,” club president Neeraj Aggarwal (12) said.

Clubs will start their meetings in the coming weeks, and more information for each individual club will be sent out to club members from club officers via email.