Eva Fredrickson shares industry experience in Study of Dance


by Vasudha Rengarajan

Eva Fredrickson, costume designer and wardrobe stylist, visited dance teacher Karl Kuehn’s Study of Dance class during seventh period on Thursday, December 1st.

“She’s one of my best friends who is in the industry, so it was quite easy to utilize her as a resource. It was fun,” Kuehn said.

Fredrickson spoke to the children about her various experiences, including work on shows including Passions, Private Practice, Criminal Minds, America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC), and How I Met Your Mother.

“[I learned] there are a lot of opportunities in the entertainment business, and although the jobs are not [always] very stable, you can always find something to do,” said Jeffrey Hsu, Study of Dance student (9).

Fredrickson showed the students a slide show of pictures, from hand-painting and meticulous stonework to rough sketches and How I Met Your Mother scenes for which she had created numerous walkabout costumes.

Fredrickson also educated the students on the use of clothing in dance, particularly gussets, fragments of stretch fabric inserted where the body’s joints would fall in, enabling dancers to move in costumes like suits and jeans, as she related experiences from her times at ABDC.

“I really liked how she had a positive attitude towards her work even though it was very demanding,” said Roshni Pankhaniya (9). “I think she was trying to tell us, she summed it up really well at the end, that as long as we try hard and follow our dreams, [we] can achieve whatever [we] want.”