Spring Sports Update


KJ Mulam

Sophomore Cameron Zell lunges across the softball field to catch the ball. The softball team currently holds a league record of 1-0.

by Alex Wang and Anjay Saklecha


Track and field runners competed in their first WBAL meet for this season on March 15. Anthony Contreras (12) led the team with wins in the 100m, 200m, and 400m in the team relay which included Anthony, David Howard (12) and Mitchell Granados (10). Sophomores Lilly Anderson, Alex Rule, and Henry Wong each respectively had their own wins in their own events. They attended the Firebird Invitational on Saturday at Fremont High school.


The swim team recently competed in the Palo Alto Invitational at St. Francis and the Small-School Invitational at Sacred Heart. They have started their dual-school meets for this season, completing the first on Mar. 23.

“I’m looking forward to improving my times this season and just having a good time with the team,” Kevin Tzeng (11) said.

Boys Golf

The boys golf currently hold first place in their league. The boys played at the Pahrump Invitational Tournament in Las Vegas on March 10, winning third place out of 18 teams. They play at the 2017 Champions Invitational Tournament this Fri. and Sat.

Boys Tennis

The varsity boys tennis team currently holds a 11-2 overall record. During the weekend of March 3-4, the Eagles travelled to Fresno, to play as part of the California Tennis Classic tournament, where they got third in their division. They play Nueva school tomorrow at Backesto Park.

Boys Volleyball

The varsity boys volleyball team has an overall record of 7-2, with a league record of 2-1. “Since we moved up a league, we are competing against stronger teams like Monta Vista and Saratoga, but our team has a lot of great potential this year,” Woody Ye (12) said. “Though tough, I hope we can make CCS this year, so I can leave high school with a great memory for my senior season.”


The varsity girls softball team started off their season with an amazing start, with an overall record of 5-1, and league record of 1-0. They play their next away game tomorrow against Notre Dame-Belmont.

“We started out with a lot of new players, but after working hard at practice every day, we have definitely improved a lot, which has led us to mercy rule four teams and win our first league game,” third base and center field player Taylor Lam (10) said. “Even though we suffered our first loss last week, the team has been working even harder to improve on the mistakes we made and hopefully continue winning this season.”

Senior captain Marti Sutton echoed Taylor’s thoughts.

“Our newbies are growing quickly and we’re really bonding, which helps us read each other during games,” Marti said. “Although it’s just the beginning of the season, I can’t wait to see how we match up against some of the tougher teams.”

Boys Baseball

The varsity boys baseball team has an overall record of 5-1, with a league record of 2-0. They play their next game against Westmoor High School at Blackford tomorrow.

“It’s insane how well this season’s going for us,” Karan Gupta (10) said. “I’ve improved a lot from the offseason to this year, and the rest of the players on the team have improved a lot. I can’t wait to see what the season is going to offer us this year.”

Girls Lacrosse

The varsity girls lacrosse team holds an overall record of 3-3 as of March 15. They play their next game tomorrow against Aragon High School.

“This season is the best we’ve ever had because not only we are doing better in terms of statistics and winning in our league, but also I think our focus is not solely on team spirit but we focus on trying to improve ourselves,” Aditi Maheshwari (12) said. “That level is something we’ve never had before.”

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on March 28, 2017.