Varsity baseball loses game 0-4 to Mills High School


Ruhi Sayana

Pitcher Varun Haltore (12) prepares to throw a pitch. Varsity boys baseball lost 0-4 against Mills High School

by Ruhi Sayana and Nicole Chen

Varsity boys baseball lost 0-4 against Mills High School at the Blackford campus during their game on today at 4 p.m.

Neither team scored in the first three innings. Mills High School scored one and three points in the fourth and fifth innings, respectively. The score remained unchanged for the last two innings of the game.

“Both teams played really well,” said first baseman Robert Schick (11). “The problem was just that we couldn’t use the ball in play and we just couldn’t hit against their pitcher. But we played a really solid defense, we didn’t let anything get through, and Varun [Haltore (12)] pitched an amazing game.”

The varsity boys baseball team’s current overall record is now 7-5 and their league record is 4-3.

Head coach Mike Delfino thought the team played well despite their losing score.

“I thought overall we played well,” Delfino said.  “Mills is a very good team, and [we] battled them pitch for pitch the entire game. Just a couple of plays here and there were the difference.  But our players really competed, and I was pleased with their efforts overall.”

Second baseman Logan Frank (10) commented on potential weakness of the team during their game against Mills High School.

“We were doing very well in defense. Our pitcher, Varun, was doing very well, and we shut them down every time except for one inning, so overall we were doing really well in defense,” Frank said. “We were not hitting very well. We had only two or three people on base.”

Their next game will also be against Mills High School on Thursday at 4 p.m. at Mills High School.