Upper school students win awards at Berkeley Math Tournament


Provided by Anu Aiyer

Both teams that attended the Berkeley Math Tournament pose for a picture before taking the contest. Harker students took second place in the overall team standings and first place in the power round of the competition.

by Katherine Zhang, Asst. STEM Editor

Twelve students competed in the Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT) at the University of California, Berkeley, where they took second place in the overall team standings and first place in the power round of the competition.

Seniors Kai-Siang Ang, Misha Ivkov and Peter Wu, juniors Swapnil Garg and Jimmy Lin and sophomore Katherine Tian formed one team, while junior Patrick Zhong, sophomores Jerry Su and Michael Wang and freshmen Grace Huang, Arnav Joshi and Vani Mohindra formed another.

Participants in the competition competed in an individual round, answering 20 short-answer questions in 80 minutes. The focus round, another portion of the tournament, asked competitors to answer 10 short-answer questions in 60 minutes about a certain mathematical topic. BMT offered tests on geometry, analysis and discrete mathematics.

Teams then competed in a team round, answering 15 short-answer questions in 40 minutes while working in their six-person teams. They then participated in the power round, a 60-minute team test containing several multi-part questions on a single topic. This year’s power round included questions about tropical polynomials.

Moderators and judges calculated final team scores by combining individual, focus, team and power results, with weights of 30, 20, 20 and 20 percent, respectively. The teams with the top eight overall scores received recognition and prizes. The top five scorers in the individual round and the top three individuals from each focus round also received awards.

Math club members who qualify for the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) will take the test on April 19 and 20.