Student language organizations host week of activities


Laura Wu

A group of Taiko drummers performed a set of pieces outside the journalism room last Tuesday. This event was hosted by the Japanese National Honor Society, who also held a Super Smash Bros. tournament after school last Wednesday.

by Laura Wu, TALON Co-Business Editor

French, Chinese and Japanese National Honor Societies raised money for Doctors Without Borders by hosting activities and selling food after school throughout last week.

According to their website, Doctors Without Borders aims to “help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care.” The National Honor Societies chose to donate their proceeds to Doctors without Borders because it is an international organization that has a global reach and benefits people around the world.

French National Honor Society

Members of French National Honor Society sold croissants and ice cream for two dollars, crêpes for three dollars and mini-muffins for 50 cents. Students could pay in cash or have their purchase charged to their student account.

It was extremely successful, and I think that we spread our name a pretty great distance,” French National Honor Society Vice President Tiffany Zhu (12) said. “It’s really great promotion for our international club week.”

French National Honor Society also hosted their cultural night last Friday from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. in Madame Tchourilova’s classroom. They screened a French comedy and offered a wide range of food, from cookies to brownies to croissants, to students attending.

“I think it’s a good celebration of French culture and there’s lots to eat, and the movie’s very entertaining,” attendee Jack Pearce (9) said. “It’s also a French movie, which means I can pick up on some of the words and feel a little bit better about knowing more French.”

Japanese National Honor Society

Last Tuesday, the Japanese National Honor Society invited Taiko drummers from San Jose Taiko to perform outside the journalism room during long lunch. Senior Maile Chung, who was one of the performers, explained kiai as the numerous shouts and noises Taiko drummers make when they play.

“Kiai really increases the energy of the group, and the energy just ricochets off of the players and into the audience,” she said. “It’s always fun when you’re playing with a group and kiai, because it sometimes feels like you’re having a conversation. Whenever I play taiko, all my stresses melt away. Taiko gives me an outlet to focus on the music and art.”

The Japanese National Honor Society also hosted a Super Smash Bros. Brawl competition after school last Wednesday.

Chinese Club and Chinese National Honor Society

Chinese Club and Chinese National Honor Society held a dragon-making contest during last Tuesday’s long lunch. Each grade created their own dragons using a cardboard box and construction paper.

Our class council’s been preparing for a couple weeks with some ideas, gathering materials and coming up with a concept,” sophomore class dean Chris Florio said. “We really wanted to include all the advisories, like we have all year, to show a lot of class unity.”

At the end of lunch, students paraded and showed off their dragons in front of the judges. The sophomore class came in first.