Performing arts kick off in fall and winter


Tiffany Wong

Sana Aladin (12) performs in last year’s SDS. Sana is one of this year’s directors who announced their shows during the school meeting.

by Jenna Sadhu and Rashmi Iyer

Groups perform at annual picnic show:

The traditional student show at the annual Harker Harvest Festival took place on Sunday from 11 a.m. to noon, featuring students and faculty from all four campuses.

The show this year followed the theme Picnic 66 and recounts the road trip that the Blues Brothers took along Route 66.

The performance featured 380 students, including upper school groups junior varsity dance, Kinetic Krew, Bel Canto and Downbeat.

“It’s really fun to be able to perform with everyone in the picnic because we’re all part of a big performing arts family with all the performers from different specialties and groups and campuses,” junior varsity dance troupe member Anna Miner (9) said.

Administrators and staff participated along with the students, and the organizers recognized the transportation department as the honorary department of this year’s picnic.

After the show, the upper school jazz band performed from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m., followed by the lower and middle school jazz bands from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.


Dance Show rehearsals begin after school:

Circus, this year’s dance production, will take place on Jan. 27-28 and will have two acts: “Welcome to the Circus” and “Daring Acts and Sideshow Freaks.”

“It’s a really fun theme that we’re all excited about here in the dance program,” dance teacher Karl Kuehn said.

One hundred and sixty students will participate, 25 more than last year, along with faculty members who will perform one routine. This year, there are seven student choreographed dances by 10 student choreographers.

Auditions for the production took place on Sept. 17.


Directors begin preparations for SDS:

The Student Directed Showcase (SDS) performance preparations will take place throughout the rest of this year, and the four seniors directing their plays will hold them in January 2017.  

Seniors Sana Aladin, Emre Ezer, Chetana Kalidindi and Kayvon Solaimanpour will each direct a play in the showcase.

“When it comes to [auditioning], we try to advertise that anyone can audition,” Kayvon, the director of “Dystopia!,” said in a comment about the audition process for students. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. It doesn’t matter if you’ve performed before or this is your first time on stage. [The directors] want everyone to come and everyone to try out.”

The four directors of “Importance of Being Earnest” (Sana Aladin), “Removing the Glove” (Emre Ezer), “Grover” (Chetana Kalidindi) and “Dystopia!” (Kayvon Solaimanpour) had staged readings of their respective scripts last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Callbacks were posted last Thursday, and final castings were posted this week.

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on October 10, 2016.