Fantasy football season kicks off


by Sofie Kassaras and Alex Wang

With the fantasy football season underway, upper school students and faculty members actively track the NFL season and check and switch up their fantasy lineups.

These football fans create leagues with their friends in order to put their knowledge and analysis of the actual football season to the test. Participants draft players and use their teams to compete against other league members in earning fantasy points, which depend on how well each drafted NFL player does in a given time period.

Some football enthusiasts enjoy the fantasy version as a complement to the actual games, mirroring the decisions that coaches in the NFL have to make.

“I love playing fantasy football every single year because it adds another dimension to professional football through picking a team of superstars and fighting for glory among your friends,” said Michael Kwan (11), who plays in a league of juniors. “It’s always a tough choice every single week of who to put in your squad, and this season, my picks haven’t been very solid.”

The analysis of the NFL associated with this game has led other players to develop strategies to outwit their opponents.

“I got off to a slow start at 0-3, but that was so that [the rest of my league] doesn’t see me coming later on,” said Justin Jia (12), who plays in a league of seniors.

Some faculty members have also joined in on fantasy football and are seeing success in their teams.

“I am currently undefeated. I was initially very hesitant [to play], as I thought that fantasy football was way too involved for me, [but] I’ve had some help [from my students],” history teacher Julie Wheeler said.

As the season goes on, fantasy players continue to optimize their teams and strategies in hopes of winning match-ups and making it to the playoffs.