Freshmen excel on varsity teams


Michael Sikand

Katelyn Vo (9) follows through on her swing as she tees off at a varsity girls golf game against Sacred Heart Preparatory at Los Lagos Golf Course on Sept. 21. Katelyn and fellow freshman Larissa Tyagi are the only freshmen on the varsity girls golf team.

by Rose Guan, Copy Editor

As fall sports teams head into their league seasons, freshmen participate in not only junior varsity teams but also the varsity cross country, football, girls golf, girls tennis, girls volleyball and girls water polo teams.


The freshmen on the cross-country team are Martin Bourdev, Evan Cheng, Rishi Dange, Richard Hu, Grant Miner, Sameer Prakash and Mihir Sharma.

“There was no cross-country team at my old school. It’s my first time,” Martin said. “It’s pretty fun to get to know people and go places to run.”

The cross-country team next runs at the Monterey Bay Invitational at Toro Park in Salinas, California, on Saturday.


The freshmen on the varsity football team are Griffin Crook, Phillip Han and Devin Keller.

“Everyone’s pretty nice, and junior varsity did well, except a lot of people got injured, so then the junior varsity season was canceled, so now we’re all on varsity,” Phillip said. “I was starting-string center, but then I got injured.”

The team next plays an away game against Big Valley Christian School on Friday.

Girls Golf

The freshmen on the girls golf team are Larissa Tyagi and Katelyn Vo.

“At first I was kind of scared because everyone’s older except for me and Katelyn, but everyone’s really nice, and our team is really strong, and we bond as a team,” Larissa said. “Varsity golf is really fun, and I think the golfing is fun, but it’s mainly the team atmosphere and bonding, like all the upperclassmen are so nice and so nurturing.”

The team plays next against Notre Dame High School at Los Lagos Golf Course tomorrow.

Girls Tennis

The freshmen on the girls tennis team are Christina Bettink, Rachel Broweleit, Amanda Cheung, Emma Li, Gina Partridge, Sara Lynn Sullivan and Srivani Vegesna.

“I talk to upperclassmen, and I can be with their friends. I can talk with their friends,” Srivani said. “I really do enjoy it. But sometimes it can get pretty rigorous with a lot of the Harker academics.”

The team next plays an away match against Menlo School tomorrow.

Girls Volleyball

The lone freshman on the varsity girls volleyball team is Emily Cheng.

“Because I’m the only freshman, I don’t really have a close buddy to be with; I have to mingle with the [upperclassmen],” Emily said. “It gives me a chance to meet new people and especially the upperclassmen. Everyone’s really encouraging and supportive, and it gives me a chance to improve my skill.”

The team next plays an away match against Menlo School tomorrow.

Girls Water Polo

The freshmen on the girls water polo team are Grace Hajjar, Cassandra Ruedy, Anika Tiwari and Alicia Xu.

“I picked [water polo] up this year, and it’s really fun and aggressive, and it’s a great sport,” Grace said. “We’ve lost games and we’ve won games; we can definitely do better. Some days we have off days because we’re tired, and other days we do really well, so hopefully we can get to CCS.”

The team next plays an away game against Wilcox High School tomorrow.

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on October 11, 2016.