Varsity girls water polo loses to Saratoga; varsity boys water polo defeats Saratoga


Varun Baldwa

Matthew Hajjar (10) reaches for the ball during the varsity boys water polo game. The team worked hard in order to achieve its win.

by Cameron Zell and Varun Baldwa

Both the girls and boys water polo teams played against Saratoga High School today during home games.

Girls water polo eventually lost 5-4 after a comeback effort in the 4th quarter. The team was down for most of the game, but came back towards the end, almost tying the match. Despite the loss, many of the girls were satisfied with the efforts Harker put into the game.

“I think we played good defense because we got them to turn the ball over a lot, and we also took a lot of opportunities and shots,” goalie Lily Wancewicz (10) said.

Although Saratoga is currently undefeated, coach Allie Lamb believed that the girls water polo team showed improvement since their previous match.

“They beat us pretty handily last time we played them, but we’re improving, and it’s showing, so I was pretty happy with the game,” Lamb said.

During these games, the girls water polo team gains lots of experience that they will put to use during the following series of games.

“I think [this game] will just get us hyped up for the next couple of games,” Melinda Wisdom (12) said. As the season comes to a close, the team is working together to finish the season off strong.

After the girls’ game and a boys’ junior varsity game, the boys varsity water polo team beat Saratoga 13-5. After starting the game off strong, the Eagles kept up the intensity throughout the rest of the match.

“We were looking to specifically play better defense. Our offense has been pretty good all year long, but now that we are entering the winning part of the season we need to focus on defense, and I think we did a great job there,” coach Ted Ujifusa said.

The team worked together to defeat the Saratoga Falcons, a team they had previously beaten, with a goal to prepare for the rest of the season.

“I hope this game will be a reflection of the rest of the season because this is the second time we’ve played this team and I feel that our quality of game has increased a lot and I really hope that’s the same for the next few games in the season” Matthew Hajjar (10) said.

The girls next play at Wilcox High School on Oct. 10 and the boys prepare for a non-conference game tomorrow against Heritage High School in the Eagles’ pool.